SCUM Beginner’s Guide – Player Creation, HUD, Crafting, Staying Alive Tips

SCUM Beginner’s Guide

In this SCUM Beginner’s Guide, we will guide you on how you can start SCUM with some basic tips and tricks about the unique mechanics introduced in the game. SCUM is the brand new open world survival game where players will need to do everything in order to survive. The game features some very unique features, which have never been seen before in any game.

Most of the new players, jumping on the SCUM bandwagon will be completely lost as to what they need to do in order to survive in this brutal and harsh game. We will be going over all the basic and some advanced mechanics so that you can easily start your adventure in this brand new survival game that is topping the charts at the moment.

SCUM Beginner’s Guide

Our SCUM Beginner’s Guide details everything that you need to know about SCUM and its various important game mechanics.

Player Creation

Now many games allow you to create a customized character of any shape or size but in SCUM, you must really work on creating a custom character because the size, age and body build of your character will have an effect on your player stats and will affect the gameplay for you.

In the future, when you plan to upgrade the stats of your character, you will be able to follow the initial build and follow the same pattern of upgrades so you must keep this thing in mind and do not just build a character of any random type.

You will have various attribute trees to upgrade and your initial points will depend on your character. Build the character of your choice and it will help you have the perfect gameplay experience in the game. This is your very first step in the game and very important since your game will adjust according to this.

Understanding HUD

The HUD in SCUM is your best friend. It shows you a wide variety of information about your different needs and wants in the game along with other game information. When you start the game and see the HUD for the first time, it will be very in your face and you will be required to find out about all different things yourself as the game does very little to explain them to you.

On the first glance, you will notice three separate HUD clusters in the screen. One is located on the bottom-left, another one located in the middle and the third one located in the top-right section of the screen.

SCUM Beginner’s Guide

The bottom-left section of the HUD are all your basic needs. It shows your health, stamina, hydration and energy meters. They are most important and these are your vitals for staying alive. Keep an eye on them always.

In the middle is your Quick-Access bar. Using these, you can quickly access your inventory and you can manage your stuff in your backpack to sort things out. It is again very handy and it is conveniently placed in the middle so that you do not spend too much time finding the icon around or pressing different keys to open it. It is right there in the middle.

Fame section is located at the top-right corner of the HUD. This measures your performance in the game and offers you a variety of functions depending on your performance. As you continue to kill people, perform many other activities and earn skill points, this Fame section will add new and new functions to the tab making your game easier.


Since SCUM is a survival game so it only makes sense that it allows you to craft different items. You can craft a variety of items ranging from weapons to cooking food. You can cook food as well in SCUM if you have the right ingredients. You can craft a bunch of useful items in the game that will help you in various ways such as increased item storage or simply allow you to collect certain raw materials.

While starting the game first time, we recommend that you craft a wooden spear asap because it will help you kill the zombies in the game without the need of spending any ammo. Do not however expect to win wars with this spear. Any other player with a gun with easily kill you from a distance while you are still finding your spear. Find weapons and ammo quickly after crafting a wooden spear.

To craft a wooden spear, you will need a knife first. Find some rocks lying on the ground, go near them and open up the crafting menu. Find the knife and you can craft it quickly without picking the rocks up. You just need to be close to two rocks. Once crafted, it will appear near you, not in your inventory. Pick it up and then find some bushes.

Any bush or small tree would do. Find one and chop it down using the knife. Now go near a long stick and you will ready to create a spear. It will help you take down zombies very easily and it is a must-have weapon when you are starting the game.

Crafting is vital for your survival and you will need to spend a great deal of time to craft weapons and food. You can obtain different ingredients and then cook food, which you can eat later. You can also craft different other items which will help you in different ways. For a detailed guide on Crafting and Cooking, check out our SCUM Cooking Guide and SCUM Crafting Guide.

Staying Alive

It is very important that you keep an eye out for on your vitals as well as you ammunition if you want to stay alive in SCUM. You must have a good amount of ammo on you all the time as you never know when you might come across a difficult enemy or you might be surrounded by zombies. Having a good storage of ammo will always help.

Apart from ammunition, you must also keep an eye out on your water and food levels. You need to make sure that you always have food and water supplies handy so that you do not enter the danger levels of both these conditions. Getting hungry or thirsty will cause different status affects, which will seriously hinder your in-game activities.

Hence, it is vital that you keep both combat aspect and personal aspect covered while playing the game. Food and water items are equally important as weapons and ammunition. You cannot survive in the game while relying on only one of these aspects.

Playing Online Events

Online PVP events are the best way to experience SCUM and the game has a dedicated tab where you can look for any upcoming action. The Events tab will show you all upcoming events and the events that are currently taking place all around the world. You can simply pick an event and join in.

You can also play the game in single player where you will only need to worry about Mechs and zombies. No other players will snipe you off while you are taking a dump. This also helps you to be acquainted with different game mechanics before you jump in the multiplayer action. It also serves as a good starting point for beginners.

For more SCUM guides, try out our SCUM Cooking Guide and SCUM Crafting Guide.

This concludes our SCUM Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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