RodentGames Releases Magical Colony Sim Artificer’s Tower on Steam

Artificer's Tower

RodentGames, the developer behind the enchanting colony sim Artificer’s Tower, has announced the game’s official launch on PC via Steam today. This whimsical title invites players to unleash their inner wizard-architect in a magical world blending tower defense, resource management, and colony simulation gameplay.

Artificer’s Tower immerses players in a fantastical realm where they assume the role of a skilled architect wizard tasked with constructing and defending a mystical tower. The game’s launch trailer offers a glimpse into the diverse characters, their roles within the tower, and the intricate gameplay mechanics that intertwine to create a captivating experience for players of all ages.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Key Features of Artificer’s Tower include:

Base-Building Mastery: Dive into the art of base-building as you construct and customize your tower, crafting it into a magical abode that would impress even legendary wizards like Merlin.

Tower Defense Challenges: Prepare for battles against powerful enemies by implementing tower defense systems and strategically placing traps to fend off pesky orcs and goblins.

Resource Management: Manage resources, and craft materials, and fulfill the needs of your mages to maintain a harmonious and efficient magical environment within your tower.

Mage Training and Development: Train and nurture your mages and students, guiding them from novices to skilled artificers. Pay attention to their wages, research to meet their demands, and keep them content to maximize productivity.

Alchemical Expertise: Explore the depths of alchemy as you unlock new recipes and craft advanced items. Invest in research to streamline administrative tasks, allowing you to focus more on magical creations and less on micromanagement.

Artificer's Tower

Artificer’s Tower is now available on Steam for PC, featuring Steam Deck support, and priced at $14.99, with a limited-time launch discount offering the game at $11.99. Players can embark on a magical journey filled with creativity, strategic challenges, and whimsical adventures as they build, defend, and master their very own tower of enchantment.

Would you be interested in playing Artificer’s Tower on PC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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