Mini-Review: Construction Simulator – SANY Pack – A Great Chinese Addition

Review: Construction Simulator - SANY Pack

Developed by weltenbauer and published by astragon Entertainment, Construction Simulator has received its brand-new DLC pack, bringing the lesser-known Chinese brand SANY to the game. SANY is a Chinese manufacturer that brings its own flavor of construction vehicles to the world. It was founded back in 1989 and since then, it has expanded out of China and is currently supplying its construction machines across the entire world. Although this company is not as famous as some of the brands like Caterpillar and Liebherr, it still has a strong presence in the construction community and a lot of companies are using their vehicles worldwide for a wide range of construction applications. This is our review of the SANY Pack released for Construction Simulator on PC in which we try out this brand and drive some of its best vehicles.

SANY brings 15 brand-new vehicles to Construction Simulator across its various divisions. A brand famous for its yellow and black color scheme with orange stripes, SANY has added new options for you to choose from in categories such as Dump Trucks, Excavators, Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Drilling Rigs, and much more. If you do a lot of digging on small and large projects, you will now find the biggest dump truck SANY SRT45, and the game’s smallest excavator SANY SY35U. Both of these machines are excellent for their own uses and being unique, you will now be able to work even more efficiently with them.

Review: Construction Simulator - SANY Pack

With the launch of the SANY Pack, the game now offers two different brands for the Rotary Drilling Rig as well. Previously there was only one brand option in this particular category however, now you can choose two brands and use the one that you like the most. Apart from normal construction machinery, you will find additional machinery in some of the less used categories as well such as a new Cold Planer, Asphalt Paver, Motor Grader, and the Vibratory Asphalt Compactor as well. All of these new additions are great if you take on road projects and always want to use SANY. The whole list of new vehicle additions is pretty extensive, and you have a lot of new ones to add to your collection if you love complete brand sets.

Unfortunately, there are no new missions this time around but the last expansion, the Airfield Expansion added a massive new job to the game so even if you have completed it already, you can start it new and try it again with the large fleet of machinery that SANY offers along with the new Service Vehicle as well that allows you to refuel and repair construction machinery right on the construction site instead of going back into the town. With the release of the SANY pack, I would love to see additional machines become available in the game as well. SANY’s arrival in the game gives me hope that we can expect to see additional brands arrive in the game as well such as Hitachi, Komatsu, and LiuGong which is yet another Chinese construction machine manufacturer.

The developers are releasing some solid DLC packs and expansions for Construction Simulator and it is currently the most extensive construction title in the market. You will find the greatest number of construction vehicles and brands in the game than any other game available in the market. Not only that, but all of these vehicles not only look great but also perform excellently and according to expectations. While SANY might not be a very well-known brand in the world, it is still a great addition to Construction Simulator, and I am happy to see that Weltenbauer is adding lesser-known brands to the game as well rather than just higher-end and well-known brands. This gives everyone a chance to experience their favourite machines and for Chinese fans of the title, this new DLC is a great addition.

Final Verdict:

Although fans of the Chinese brand SANY will be really happy to see their favorite machines appearing in the Construction Simulator, but the choice of machines could have been a little better with the pack. It includes four different types of excavators and with already a pretty large number of excavators present in the base game already, it would have made sense to skip two of them and go for another type of machine. Still, it is a decent addition to Construction Simulator, and this will give fans of SANY a chance to experience their vehicles from the comfort of their homes. If you are a fan of SANY as a brand or have worked with them in real life or are looking for more unique brands to add to your construction fleet, you are going to enjoy your time with the new SANY Pack for Construction Simulator. It is already included in the Season Pass so it’s a win-win for you if you own it already.

Final Score: 7.5/10

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