Returnal Nemesis Boss Guide – How to Beat Nemesis, Attack Types

Returnal Nemesis Boss Guide

This Returnal Nemesis Boss Guide will show you how to beat Nemesis, the giant demon-looking beast that comes with his demon minions that accompany it in the battle. Nemesis is a giant boss, which is apparent by his lack of movement as he stays in one place but forces you to be on the move.

Nemesis has plenty of attacks but all of them are projectile-based attacks that it sends in different patterns and variety. In addition, his demon minions also produce their own laser attacks, forcing you to find an alternative or get caught in the devastation beam.

Returnal Nemesis Boss Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat Nemesis in the game.

How to Beat Nemesis

Nemesis the giant boss begins the fight immediately with two main attacks. The first attack is the slow-moving orbs that come at you, followed by a quick barrage of homing missiles. The blue orbs are sent forth in a different pattern in this same stage, but Nemesis uses them in a variety of different patterns over the course of the battle in the three phases. Your task here is to keep moving around, avoiding all the obstacles, and shooting the red weak point in the chest of Nemesis.

In the second phase, Nemesis will break open the stage and turn them into multiple floating platforms. The fight remains the same with the same blue orbs and homing missiles, while you are attacking the weak point on the chest. However, his demons will occasionally get close and fire a horizontally sweeping beam that you will have to dodge through to avoid. All the while, Nemesis will continue with his projectile without giving a moment of respite.

The third phase becomes even trickier where you first find yourself floating in the air, Nemesis far away in the distance but still readying his projectiles in a new menacing pattern, while small platforms will come floating from above. Your task here is to grapple from one platform to the other and get close enough to the boss to continue your attacks. All the while, you will be avoiding the blue projectiles, grappling to another platform, and avoiding the laser beam demons.

When you get close enough and see the red weak point on Nemesis’s chest, continue with your attacks. However, keep moving from one platform to the other using the grappling hook. This is because the projectiles from Nemesis paired with the Demons that fire the laser will leave you no choice but to jump to a safer spot to avoid attacks. This phase is pretty overwhelming and tricky, but if you have a healing item saved up until this phase of the battle, you will have a strong chance of beating this boss.

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