Returnal Ixion Boss Fight Guide – How to Beat Ixion, Attack Patterns

Returnal Ixion Boss Fight Guide

This Returnal Ixion Boss Fight Guide will show you how to beat the second boss in the game called Ixion, who is found in Crimson Wastes. Ixion is probably the boss that will completely overwhelm players when they face him. His attacks are based on raining you down with hundreds of projectiles that will have you looking for some respite.

Each phase in the battle brings a newer challenge as the boss introduces new attacks and becomes more aggressive. However, your strategy of keeping moving and knowing when to dodge and attack will make the difference.

Returnal Ixion Boss Fight Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat Ixion boss in the game.

How to Beat Ixion

In the first phase of the battle, Ixion introduces itself by raining down the hundreds of blue projectiles at your location. These projectiles start out in a wide arc but get closer together as they reach near you. The attack will always force you to keep moving to the side, where the best way to avoid it is to keep running sideways until you reach the end of the arena. Meanwhile, you should continue shooting at the boss, where he will dash away after a few hits. Every time he dashes, he leaves behind a slow trail of blue orbs that slowly expand outwards, but pose no real threat if you keep moving.

When the second phase of the battle begins, Ixion will land on the ground right in the middle of the arena and will show his true powers with the projectiles. The hundreds if not thousands of projectiles will have you questioning where to run and what to do, especially if you are facing the boss for the first time. All you can do in this small period is to keep running from one end to the other, and dashing through the blue walls or projectiles that you are certain will hit you. Dodging and dashing leaves you invulnerable in the move, allowing you to crash into the projectile or any other attack without taking any damage.

All the while, you should keep shooting at the boss until it flies back again and returns with its normal attacks in this second phase. The attacks in this phase will contain the same as the ones in the first phase but will include a few more which are the wide fire beam that he shoots at you, followed by a quick rain of bullets.

Eventually, when you start the third phase, it begins with the same attack where it stands in the middle of the battle arena, throwing away a barrage of projectiles at you. When the normal fight resumes, Ixion will be more dangerous as it will now try to get close to you and hit you with quick melee attacks, send a couple or more red ring shockwaves that you can jump over, and fire away bullets from a gun. All these attacks will have you moving at all times, while you should continue shooting and depleting the boss’s health.

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