Returnal Daily Challenges Guide – How to Unlock Simulation Mode

Returnal Daily Challenges Guide

This Returnal Daily Challenges Guide will show you how you unlock daily Challenges in the game. Besides the main story campaign, Returnal has Daily Challenges where you are tasked to go through any random area in a biome to clear them out of enemies, exploring, completing goals, and finishing them by reaching the Gateway.

But first, let’s take a look at how you can unlock Daily Challenges to access them, and what type of challenges you can expect.

Returnal Daily Challenges Guide

Below we have detailed how to unlock Daily Challenges and what to do in them.

How to Unlock Daily Challenges

While the Challenge Terminal can be unlocked pretty early on in the game, you will have to complete a certain portion of the story to access the Daily Challenges. Fortunately, you don’t have to finish the entire game but beat the first boss in the game and complete the Overgrown Ruins biome. If you need help in defeating the first boss, read our Phrike Boss Guide for tips on how to beat him.

When you do everything correctly, the game will notify you about the unlocked Simulation Mode which can be accessed by the player. This is where you will be able to play the Daily Challenges. To access them, head to the Helios where the terminal will be to the right.

The terminal screen will show you the current Daily Challenge that you can complete, displaying what your specific tasks are in the challenge. Each of these Daily Challenges changes every day or 24 hours and will change the location, modifier, and the weapon that you will be using for the challenge.

In Daily Challenge or Simulation Mode, you play a randomly generated area and score points based on your various activities like killing enemies, exploring, and successfully reaching the Gateway. The points are tallied up in the end and are posted on the leaderboard where you can compare with other players or your friends on how they fared on this particular challenge you just complete.

For more help with Returnal, check out our Returnal Wiki.

This concludes our Daily Challenges. Post your comments below.

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