Resident Evil Resistance Guide – Gameplay Tips, Character Abilities

Resident Evil Resistance Guide

This Resident Evil Resistance Guide will show you some of the tips in getting started with the Resistance multiplayer mode in Resident Evil 3 Remake. The multiplayer mode is a versus mode between the Survivors and Mastermind.

Since there are two different roles as both the Survivors and the Mastermind, we have listed some tips on how to play as either type an how to be an effective player in defeating the opposing team.

Resident Evil Resistance Guide

Below we have detailed some tips in played Resident Evil Resistance.


Survivors make up a team of four players including you. This can be random players found during matchmaking or your friends in a party. The goal here is to survive the horrors that the Mastermind has plotted for you, work as a team and use the weapons that allow you to kill the zombies.

Work as a Team

The best results in Resistance can be obtained if your team is working in sync and are able to communicate well with each other. You should have a microphone to make things easier, and then plan a good strategy in going forward and winning.

Each player in your team will be a special character with unique abilities. Using these abilities the right way and at the right time can give you a massive advantage in defeating the Mastermind. Keeping together as a team and pre-planning your approach also saves a ton of time. Especially considering that each round is a timed event that runs for a few minutes, and running out of time will be a defeat.

Save up Resources

The good thing about ammo in this mode is that it will work with all your weapons. You do not have to worry about shotgun or handgun weapon, as any ammo will work with these weapons. You also have melee weapons that are useful in taking out weaker zombies or slow moving targets. They also work great in destroying key objectives

Ammo is best saved for your team’s final push to escape. The Mastermind would have certainly put up a stronger hurdle at the end of the stage where you need to exit, and saving up your ammo to take down dangerous zombies here would come in pretty handy

Character Abilities

Each character you choose comes with their own unique ability. You can decide what character would best suit your game style or the character the team requires the most. The characters available are:

Character Ability
Tyrone Grants extra damage dealing ability to all your team members. Can take out single enemies with a powerful kick
January Allows to hack and disable Mastermind’s technology, restricting surveillance and control
Becca Best for unloading gun shots on Mastermind’s boss enemies
Martin Craft proximity mines and wield a Flash Baton to stop enemies
Valerie Heal other players with first aid spray, and highlight nearby pickups and enemies. Also has more inventory space to carry 10 items in a backpack


The Mastermind is all about making life hell for the survivors. This villainous mode allows you to plot all the dangers for the survivors and to never let them escape successfully. You can control cameras to keep an eye on what is going on, place traps and zombies strategically to capture unaware survivors and place bosses that can take out several survivors.

Plan and Execute

The most important part of being the Mastermind is to come up with an effective plan and place all your cards in places that will ensure the failure of the survivors.  Setting up traps and zombies strategically will allow you to take down a few of the survivors and to cause chaos among them. Turning off lights and locking doors will hinder their progress and will frustrate them even further.

You also have different character choices as well when playing as the Mastermind, and just like the survivors, they also come with different abilities. Using these abilities and pairing them with bosses that you have placed will allow you to corner and take out the whole team in a go. Your target here should be to lure the Survivors in a tight spot and use traps and zombies to push them in a spot where your boss enemy can deal with them.

Mastermind Characters

As mentioned before, the Mastermind can also be selected based on the type of ability you want or the type of gameplay style you prefer. Let’s take a look at the characters you can choose:

Character Ability
Daniel Fabron Pulverize survivors by using the Tyrant boss, and other powerful enemies
Annette Birkin Buffs zombies and monsters, and summons her mutated husband G-Birkin to kill the survivors
Alex Wesker Best at setting traps, and place Yateveo plant monster at important places to disrupt the escape plans of the survivors
Ozwell Spencer Disintegration Field allows you to slow Survivors and obstruct them.

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This concludes our Resident Evil Resistance Guide. Post your comments below.

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