Resident Evil 4 Lithograph Puzzle Guide – How to Easily Solve Puzzle

Resident Evil 4 Lithograph Puzzle Guide

The Lithograph puzzle in Resident Evil 4 is located in the Castle region inside the Bindery Room, close to the Wine Cellar. This puzzle is found after Leon and Ada have met but blocks your path to progress further in the story. This Resident Evil 4 Lithograph Puzzle Guide will show you how to complete this puzzle easily and what you need to do to progress in the story.

Resident Evil 4 Lithograph Puzzle Guide

When you first reach the puzzle, the Lithograph will be a puzzle on the wall that will have four slots. These slots require you to put stone slabs inside in the correct position for the door to slide open.

Luckily, the slabs can be found right in the Bindery Room, where the first one is very close to the puzzle. This slab will be the Lithographic Stone B which will be placed on the lower sections of the bookshelf.

The second stone called the Lithographic Stone D is to the left of this wall, leading up to an enclosed cabinet containing the stone. Further left from this cabinet, you will find the last stone needed for the puzzle, called the Lithographic Stone C.

With all three stones, you can now head back to the puzzle wall and start placing the slabs on the empty slots. Each stone that you picked up will have a symbol drawn on it, and you are supposed to place them in the correct locations.

To make things easy, place the stones and then rotate them into the following positions:

  • Helm Stone goes to the left
  • Sword Stone goes to the right
  •  Armor Stone goes to the bottom
  • Shield stone goes to the top

The top stone will then rearrange and it will slide the door open for you to progress deeper in the story.

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That’s how you can solve this puzzle as shown in our Resident Evil 4 Lithograph Puzzle Guide. Post your comments below.

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