Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief Request Guide – How to Find the Stolen Gem

Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief Request Guide

One of the Merchant Requests that you can complete is the Jewel Thief Request in Resident Evil 4, where you have to locate a crow’s nest and retrieve the stolen gem. This request can be found in Chapter 12, when you find the Merchant’s shop at the Ballroom, coming out from the Underground Tunnel. This Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief Request Guide will show you how to find the stolen gem and return it to the merchant to complete this request.

Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief Request Guide

During Chapter 12, you will find the Merchant in the Ballroom, after exiting from the Underground Tunnel. At this point in the story, you are supposed to ride the cable car to progress further in the game, but you shouldn’t do that just yet. Instead, go to the merchant and pick up the Jewel Thief request to start it.

The stolen gem is located in a crow’s nest that is in the Courtyard Maze area. Head back to the Ballroom, through the Grand Hall until reaching the Courtyard. Once in this area, head to the opposite side of the courtyard where you might find a few enemies.

In this region, you will find another Merchant’s shop, while the crow’s nest will be on the roof side of the building, close to the Merchant. You do not have to climb up this structure, but instead, use any weapon to shoot at the crow’s nest for the gem to fall down on the ground. All that’s left to do is to pick up the gem, which you will now find to be the Scratched Emerald, and sell it to the Merchant for 3 Spinels as a reward for completing this request.

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That’s how you can complete this Merchant request as shown in this Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief Request Guide. Post your comments below.

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