Resident Evil 3 Remake Puzzles Guide – How to Complete

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This Resident Evil 3 Remake Puzzles Guide will show you how to complete all the story related puzzles that you need to complete in order to progress in the game. While most of the puzzles are story related, tasking you to collect Fuses, or making a vaccine.

There are also Safe code puzzles which you can check out in our Safe Code unlock guide, which will help you unlock safes to get to collect the rewards inside them.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Puzzles Guide

Below we have detailed all the story related puzzles in the game.

Monument Puzzle

This puzzle requires you to locate three different colored Jewels that you can then use on the Monument. This Monument can be found at the exit of the Subway, and completing it will reward you with items. Collected Jewels can then be inserted into the Monument, which will then give you each reward special to the Jewel you put in.

The first is the Red Jewel which can be found inside Moon’s Donuts Shop. You first need to go to the safe room located at the back of the shop. The jewel itself will be inside a fancy box that is next to a bigger carton and some stacked shelves.

The Green Jewel is found in the toy store, where it will be inside the jewel box sitting on one of the windows next to some toy cars.

The last jewel, which is the Blue Jewel in this case, is found in the grocery store, right across the toy store. Use the bolt cutters to gain access and then head towards the counter where the fancy box is. Take out the Jewel and now you can bring all the Jewels to the Monument and collect the rare rewards.

Underground Storage Fuses Puzzle

When you are in the Underground Storage area in the warehouse, you will come to a point where you have to find three Fuses to activate the elevator. When you try to take the first elevator up, the console box will blow up and will not go up. Head out straight towards the lift by pressing the console. This will take you to another lift on the top, which takes you even higher, and straight to a large control box where the fuse is.

From the last location, take the ladder on the left to get back down, and then head to the east wall, squeezing through the shelf and lower the left. This will give you access to the east side of the warehouse. Use the lift to go up, and then interact with the console ahead to raise another ramp ahead. This will give you access to the ladder that takes you straight to the second fuse.

To get the last fuse, climb the ladder back up again from where you last came from, past the lift you used to head up, and enter the door straight ahead. Continue left and open the door here, head back down from the ladder and collect the last fuse down on the floor.

Vaccine Puzzle

This puzzle comes right at the end of the story, where you have to find two items and then mix them together. The items in question are the Antigen and the Adjuvant. The former can be found in the 2F Lab of NEST 2, where you need to go to the robot arms and then use the console for one of the robot arms to bring the sample to you.

The second is the Adjuvant sample, which can be found in the Incubation Lab on the same floor. Look for the sample in the cabinets with the green light and then collect it. After the combination of both the samples, you have to set the right temperature to make the vaccine. The solution is Mid-High-Low. This will begin the process of making the vaccine and completing the puzzle.

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