Remnant From the Ashes: Subject 2923 Scavenger Armor Set Guide 

Remnant From the Ashes: Subject 2923 Scavenger Armor Set Guide

This Remnant From the Ashes: Subject 2923 Scavenger Armor Set Guide will show you how to get the Scavenger Armor set in the game, by explaining each step that you need to do before you can obtain it. 

The Scavenger’s Armor set contains three pieces of armor that include the following: 

  • Scavenger Helmet 
  • Scavenger Armor 
  • Scavenger Boots 

Remnant From the Ashes: Subject 2923 Scavenger Armor Set Guide 

The first thing you need to do is to travel to the Judgment’s Spear location. From the checkpoint, head straight up the stairs, and turn sharp right from the entrance of the cave. You will find some inscriptions on the face of the rock wall that you need to interact with. 

You get this armor set by completing the Magir Test random event. The inscriptions on the wall ask you to locate the correct status from the eight status at the entrance of the cave. You need to choose the right one to complete this event and get the Scavenger’s Armor set. 

As per the inscriptions on the rock, you need to find the statue without any damage to its hands, the statue must be wearing a Drak’s Skull and Emin Crown. Head back to the entrance of the cave and choose the statue that has both the hands intact. For me, it was the statue on the left, closest to the mouth of the cave.  

Be careful before you interact with the statues, each wrong selection will disappear one of the pieces of the armor set. If you are looking to obtain all the pieces of armor in this set, make sure you get the correct statue in the first try. Once you interact with the correct statue, you will complete the Magir Test event and obtain the Scavenger’s Armor set.

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This concludes our Scavenger Armor Set Guide. Post your comments below. 

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