Remnant From the Ashes Lucky Coin Guide – Where to Find, Unlock Magnum Revolver

Remnant From the Ashes Lucky Coin Guide

In this Remnant From the Ashes Lucky Coin Guide, we will show you where you can find the Lucky Coin which can be given to Ace in return for the Magnum Revolver Weapon. this weapon can be taken in the very early stages of the game if you can find the Lucky Coin.

The Lucky Coin is in an old and ruined subway area where it will be hidden in a small secluded room. This specific coin is wanted by Ace and if you can find and return it to her, she will reward you with the Magnum Revolver weapon. The revolver is quite a decent weapon and it deals massive headshot damage. So getting your hands on it early on should be your priority.

Remnant From the Ashes Lucky Coin Guide

Below we have detailed where you can find the Lucky Coin in return for the Magnum Revolver.

Where to Find Lucky Coin

To get the coin, you need to go to the core area or the old ruined underground subway area. This area can be reached by going into the sewers that take you to the first area. Once you reach the underground subway, head further where you will see a platform on the right with a flight of stairs taking you down to the lower level.

This small area will lead you into a room filled with water, and another small area to the left. This is where you will find the Lucky Coin along with a chest with random items. Keep in mind that items spawn in random places with each gameplay, so it may have spawned in a different spot. However, it will be difficult to spot.

How to Get Magnum Revolver

With the Lucky Coin in hand, you now have to return to the base and talk to Ace. Talking to her will give you an option to give her the Lucky Coin. She will be thankful and give you her own Magnum Revolver that you can use for yourself.

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