Redfall Character Abilities Guide – All Abilities, How to Use

Redfall Character Abilities Guide

Redfall has four different characters or Heroes that come with their own set of unique abilities that mixes up the gameplay and balances how a game proceeds. Abilities are unlocked when you level up your character allowing you to use a character’s special ability. This Redfall Character Abilities Guide will show you all the Heroes, their unique abilities, and how they work in the game.

Redfall Character Abilities Guide

Redfall has four different Heroes that players can choose from.

Character #1 – Jacob Boyer

Jacob is an ex-military sharpshooter who separated from his platoon and has gone down a rogue path. He was sent to Redfall just as the sun was darkened and can now be found stalking the streets of Redfall and looking out to kill the enemies with supernatural precision


  • Raven – This ability lets Jacob send out his trusty bird companion that can mark enemies. The marked enemies will be highlighted with a red outline, indicating their positions.
  • Cloak – Activate to become invisible for 10 seconds and your enemies will not be able to spot you for a short period.
  • Heartstopper – Sniper rifle that targets enemies by first locking onto them, and then firing a brutal headshot.

Character #2 – Layla Ellison

Layla is a biomedical engineer who has interned at the ominous Aevum Therapeutics research facility where she woke up one day with a headache and telekinetic powers.


  • Lift – Summon a Telekinetic Elevator that can help access higher areas like rooftops.
  • Umbrella – Produces a telekinetic shield bubble that protects you and your team from incoming projectiles. The umbrella can also be launched forward to hit enemies that come in contact with it.
  • Vampire Ex-Boyfriend – Call up on Layla’s ex-boyfriend that can help distract and attack enemies.

Character #3 – Remi De La Rosa

Combat engineer Remi De La Rosa comes with her robot companion that is a highly advanced robot that can act as a decoy, cover, and also attack enemies. The robot allows Remi to use it as a distraction or hit enemies from an additional side.


  • C4 Charge – An explosive bomb that you can throw at a distance
  • Siren – Use Remi’s robot to go to a location and fire off a loud sound that brings enemies towards it. The robot goes into defensive mode when firing off the siren, allowing it to withstand enemy damage for a longer time.
  • Mobilize – Remi makes a control point where she can revive and heal any teammate inside it.

Character #4 – Devinder Crousley

Devinder’s knowledge of cryptozoology allows him to make his own weapons against the vampires. One of the weapons fires ultraviolet light, reducing vampires to dust.


  • Arc Javelin – Throw a javelin that will stick itself to the surface and will emit an electric shock to any targets nearby.
  • Backlight – This is a UV emitter that helps stun enemies and petrify them for a short period.
  • Ultraviolet Light – This ability lets the Backlight stay active for a longer period and its radius is increased further. Additionally, the backlight also explodes when it stops working.
  • Translocate – Lets you teleport to a location where you throw your homemade device at. Launch it anywhere you want, and then Devinder will teleport to its location.

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That’s all the characters and their abilities in the game as shown in this Redfall Character Abilities Guide. Post your comments below.

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