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In this Red Dead Online Posse Guide, we will guide you on how you can form a posse in Red Dead Online and how many types of posse are there in the game. Red Dead Online is the long awaited multiplayer feature of Red Dead Redemption 2 and it has started its life as a beta. Players can explore the online wild west solo or with their friends after forming a posse which could be called simply as a party as well.

We have curated this Red Dead Online Posse Guide in which we will detail how you can form a posse in Red Dead Online so you can roam around the Wild West with your friends and have some fun in a group. There are many benefits for forming a posse and experiencing the true form of the Red Dead Online. It is worth noting that the full features of Red Dead Online can only be experienced with a posse.

Posse Guide – Red Dead Online

Our Red Dead Online Posse Guide details everything that you need to know about forming a posse in Red Dead Online and other important details about them.

Forming a Posse

Before you can jump in Red Dead Online with your friends. You will need to form a posse. A posse is simply another term which is used for parties in other games. In normal games, you create parties and invite your friends in, in Red Dead Online you create a posse and then invite your friend in. However, there are a few certain things about a posse that other games do not have.

Since Red Dead Redemption 2 was all about the gang and helping each other out in different scenarios, Red Dead Online will follow the same criteria and certain features of the multiplayer experience will only unlock after you have formed a posse and have some players in your posse. There are special missions in the game that can only be completed in a posse so it is important that you find some people to play the game with.

It is not required that you really need close friends to play online with. You can jump in a lobby and join any of the posses in the lobby. You simply need to be in a posse so that you can play certain missions and access certain features of Red Dead Online. It can be a friendly posse or a random posse that you can join after jumping in a lobby.

Types of Posse

At the moment, there are two different types of posses in the game. There are Temporary Posses and then there are Permanent Posses.

Temporary Posses

Temporary Posses are short-term posses and will last only until you are live in the session. If you log off the game, the posse will be deleted from the server. You can create a temporary posse, add some people and do some random stuff with them. They have a limit of four players. Complete missions, do some fishing, hunt some animals, kill other posse members and have some fun.

Once you are done, sign off and the posse will be disbanded. Forming a Temporary Posse is completely free. You also have the option of making them invite only posses or a public posse which anyone in the same session can join. You will also need to set a location for you camp or set certain other features on or off such as friendly fire and such.

Persistent Posses

These posses possess every feature of the temporary posses only that they remain active even after you sign off the game. The only difference here is that these are not free and you will need to pay $200 to create some posse. You can later set different settings which are the same as that of a Temporary Posse.

How to Join a Posse in Red Dead Online?

So you have booted into a session and now want to join a posse. It is very simple process. First, plan what do you want to do. Do you want to create your own posse or do you want to join other players who have already created a posse? Once decided, push left on the D-Pad to open the menu.

Here, choose the option ‘Posse’ and check the available posses in the session. If you want to join a certain one, navigate to the posse’s name and choose join. If you want to create your own posse, simply press Square on PS4 or X on an Xbox One. Here, you can choose to create a Temporary Posse or a Persistent Posse and then you can add people to it later. That’s everything you need to know about Posses in Red Dead Online.

This concludes our Red Dead Online Posse Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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