Red Dead Online Horse Insurance Guide – How to Get, Benefits

Red Dead Online Horse Insurance Guide

In this Red Dead Online Horse Insurance Guide, we will guide you on how you can get insurance for your horse in Red Dead Online. Red Dead Online is the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 and it brings many features from the single player to the online experience as well. However, there are some new features as well and one of them is Horse Insurance.

We have curated this Red Dead Online Horse Insurance Guide in which we will guide you on this important feature because everyone knows that horses are the primary means of transport in Red Dead Online. Just like GTA V’s online where you could get your vehicle insured so that of it gets destroyed by other players, you could get one back free of charge. Insurance works a little differently in Red Dead Online but it nearly has the same purpose.

Horse Insurance Guide – Red Dead Online

Our Red Dead Online Horse Insurance Guide details everything that you need to know about getting your horse insured in Red Dead Online.

Insuring your Horse

You will be introduced to the concept of getting your horse insured automatically while playing the first mission of Red Dead Online ‘Honor Among Horse Thieves’. For your first horse, the insurance will be free.

After your first free insurance, if you want to get another horse insured, you will need to pay 5 Gold Bars. Since Gold Bars have not been introduced in Red Dead Online as of now so we do not know how much will each Gold Bar cost.

Benefits of Horse Insurance

Although horses will never permanently die in Red Dead Online, buying insurance for you horse has many other benefits. Horses with insurance recover much faster and they are taken care of automatically when not in use.

Normally if your horse is down, you will need to use a horse reviver to get it back in action. Once it is stabilized with the reviver, you will still need to head back to a stable to heal it. With insurance, your horse will be healed automatically and you will not need to use a horse reviver. Therefore, Horse Insurance has its benefits despite the high price.

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This concludes our Red Dead Online Horse Insurance Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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