Red Dead Online Beginners Guide – Series Mode, Currency & Progression

Red Dead Online Beginners Guide

In this Red Dead Online Beginners Guide, we will show you how to setup yourself to play the online mode of the open world game. Red Dead Online has just launched recently, and it looks to be an amazing setting for players to wander around in its open world setting.

There are a lot of thing to do in Red Dead Online, and that comes without a surprise as it is developed by Rockstar Games. There are many new features that have been added, and include natural free roam events that occur on the map. Additionally, there is also a posse system that encourages teaming up with your friends or other players to talking the Red Dead Online world with a group.

Red Dead Online Beginners Guide

Below we will provide all the necessary information regarding Red Dead Online. We will list all the features, how you should prepare yourself for the online mode, progression and currency system, and how to form posses for a co-op experience.

Character Customization

This is pretty obvious but it is worth mentioning that the first thing you will do in Red Dead Online is to create your own unique character. With a ton of customization options, you can decide what you want your character to look like in the world of Red Dead Online.

Followed by making your character, you will be introduced to a few short missions, explaining the mechanics of the game mode.

The introductory missions are a good way to get familiar with the game mode if you have just started with Red Dead Redemption 2, and jumped straight into the world of Red Dead Online. This unique idea will familiarize you with your own unique camp and then find a group of players to ally with in Red Dead Online’ Posse Mode.

Red Dead Online Features

The online game mode offers a lot of features that are available to players, the biggest one being the massive open world free roam world. Players can team up to complete missions, while they can also thwart the missions of other players. This is a way Rockstar has expanded its focus to make events come naturally to a player.

The game also includes a series mode, which adds players against each other in various competitive challenges. Take a look below on what the different series are:

  • Most Wanted
    in this mode, players are competing for kills for the top place on the scoreboard list.
  • Hostile Territory
    In this mode, you are supposed to capture different areas with teams and hold them. The team with the most points is the winner.
  • Name Your Weapon
    This game mode is a free for all team based mode, where the more unique weapon used to kill other players, the more points are scored.
  • Shootout
    This mode is a deathmatch type mode, that is also a team playing mode, where players or teams with the most kills is the winner before the time runs out.
  • Make It Count
    This is a battle royale mode, where a number of players are competing to be the last man standing, and fighting with only throwing knives or bows and arrows.

Progression and Currency System

As you play Red Dead Online, your rank increases as you earn experience points. These ranks can be gained by completing missions and activities that can be found within the world. There are also Ability Cards in the game mode that allows players different advantages when they activate their Dead Eye, while they also get passive cards for when traversing the Old West.

Ability Cards can be purchased from the Abilities Menu, while you get your first ability card for free during the introductory mission, the next two cards that you can get will cost you $50 each within the menu, where you can equip or unequip them.

Ability Cards can be leveled up by gaining more XP, which can be seen if you hover over an Ability Card in the menu. Every card has three levels or tiers, and each enhances the ability.

With the addition of experience points that you gain from completing missions, you are also rewards currency that can b used in return to buy items and new guns. Currency does not limit itself with the bank notes, but can also be found in the form of gold nuggets you are rewarded by competing certain activities and missions in Red Dead Online.

Gold nuggets can be exchanged for a gold bar if you collect at least 100 gold nuggets. Both gold nuggets and gold bars are required to unlock certain items in the game.

Posses in Red Dead Online

Certain missions in the game mode require you to team up with your friends or other players for the duration of a mission. These are temporary and automatically disband after the end of a mission or activity. However, the most efficient team up available in the game is the persistent posse system, that allows players to permanently team up with up to seven other players.

The posses can also be given a name and the group emblem that can be bought with a payment. In addition, whenever the leader of the group will log in, the posse will instantly for, thus making it a very efficient grouping system.

This concludes our Red Dead Online Beginners Guide. Hopefully, you should now have a general idea of what to expect in the online mode of the open world game. Feel free to comment below.

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