Rage 2 Vehicles Guide – Repair, Call, Unlock New Vehicles

Rage 2 Vehicles Guide

In this Rage 2 Vehicles Guide, we will guide you on everything that you need to know about vehicles in Rage 2. Rage 2 features a big open world and your best mode of transportation in the game is different vehicles. Right at the start of the game, you will get to understand of keeping and maintaining vehicles in Rage 2. The vast map of Rage 2 will certainly shrink down for you with the use of the right vehicles.

For this very purpose, we have curated this Rage 2 Vehicles Guide in which we will guide you on how you can repair your vehicle, call a vehicle and most importantly how you can unlock new vehicles in Rage 2. You will get your own vehicle at the start of the game but it is not enough and to traverse the entire game, you will need better and more well-equipped vehicles. We will also tell you how you can turn your default vehicle into an absolute monster with upgrades.

Vehicles Guide – Rage 2

Our Rage 2 Vehicles Guide details everything that you need to know about vehicles in Rage 2.

Default Vehicle

When you start Rage 2, you will get your very first vehicle in the game called Phoenix and it is also set as the default vehicle in the game. Even if you do not unlock any other vehicle in the game, this will be available to you always.

At the beginning it is nothing more than a tin can on a set of wheels however with some upgrades, it can be converted into one of the most badass vehicles of Rage 2 complete with missiles and battling guns to chew down your enemies in seconds. With all upgrades complete, you will have a vehicle that will never disappoint you in any situation.

Phoenix comes with different upgrades and you can opt for all of them without sacrificing a single one. We have detailed all upgrades for Phoenix below.

  • Gatling Guns – Unlocked by default
  • Blast – Requires 10 Auto Parts
  • Reinforced Chassis – Requires 20 Auto Parts
  • Nanotrite Skin – Requires 40 Auto Parts
  • Safe Mode – Unlocked by Default
  • Cruise Missile – Requires 10 Auto Parts
  • Ejector Seat – Requires 30 Auto Parts
  • 20MM Cannons – Requires 30 Auto Parts
  • Hellfire Mortar – Requires 50 Auto Parts

Once you have the required Auto Parts for a specific upgrade, simply purchase the upgrade and it will be installed on Phoenix immediately.

Repairing a Vehicle

During battles in Rage 2, your vehicle will take damage and will eventually explode it the damage exceeds its limit. You can always call back your vehicle after it has exploded but to make sure that you are never left in the wild without a vehicle, make sure that you always repair your vehicle.

For doing just that, you must stand in front of the hood and press the command to repair your vehicle when it pops up on the screen. This will take a little time so it is advised not to repair when enemies are nearby attacking you. Get rid of enemies first and then focus on your vehicle repairs.

However, you must keep in mind that now all vehicles can be repaired in Rage 2. For these vehicles, it is best to leave them when they are severely damaged. One such vehicle is Icarus so when you see that it has taken a lot of damage, look for a new vehicle since it cannot be repaired.

Spawning a Vehicle

If you want a vehicle quickly, you can always spawn it right in front of you. This a default game mechanic and not a cheat. The reason why I chose the word spawn instead of call is that the vehicle literally drops in front of you front the sky as it has just spawned there right in front of you. Because of this, you can only spawn vehicles in the open areas. This will not work in areas where there’s a roof overhead.

When you need to spawn a vehicle, simply open the vehicles tab and choose the vehicle from the list that you want to call. Choose the vehicle and it will drop down right in front of you. However, this is not free and each time you spawn a vehicle, it will cost you 10 bucks. The amount is pretty low but still, it is not free.

Unlocking New Vehicles

The world of Rage 2 is full of different vehicles that you can find and drive. Right from the start of the game, you will only have a single vehicle in your list but you can quickly grow this list and add new vehicles to your collection. Unlocking vehicles is a really simple process and there is not tricky step for unlocking vehicles.

To unlock new vehicles in Rage 2, all you need to do is find them in the wild and bring them to a Trade Town. This will add them to your collection. Some vehicles are tied to specific missions so they will only unlock once you have cleared those missions but the remaining vehicles can be easily added to your collection by finding them in the wild and taking them to the nearest Trade Town.

The following vehicles are present in Rage 2.

  • Phoenix – Unlocked automatically right at the start of the game.
  • Raptor – Unlocked when you reach level 10 in the ‘Capture & Control’ project.
  • Icarus – Unlocked when you reach level 7 in ‘Search & Recover’ project.
  • Chazcar – Complete a ChazCar Derby race to unlock it.
  • Xerxes III – Complete the ‘Lossum Dagger’ mission to unlock it.
  • Pulverizer – Located at the south entrance of ‘Shrouded Sub Station Alpha’ in Dune Sea
  • Devastator – Located at the south entrance of ‘Shrouded Sub Station Alpha’ in Dune Sea.
  • Wind Razor – Located northwest of ‘Shrouded Sub Station Alpha in Dune Sea.
  • Rolla – Located east of ‘Yeowman Growery’ in Broken Tract.
  • Booma – Located southeast of ‘Yeowman Growery’ in Broken Tract.
  • Nippa – Located at the entrance of ‘Great Crack Ark’ in Broken Tract.
  • Monster Truck – Located in The Wilds.
  • BG Burger Storm Chaser – Located at the entrance of the ‘Strongbox Ark’ in Tom Plains.
  • Dumper Truck – Found all over the map of Rage 2.
  • Hover Boat – Located only in The Wilds.
  • Kola Kong Conquest – Found all over the map of Rage 2.
  • Roaming Trader – Although it is found all over the map roaming, you can unlock it from the Loquacious Wanderer located at Forlorn Shack Ranger Echo in Broken Tract.

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This concludes our Rage 2 Vehicles Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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