Rage 2 Elon Musk Easter Egg – Where to Find Secret Bunker

Rage 2 Elon Musk

Rage 2 secretly added an Easter Egg that is related to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla technology company. This easter egg is a secret bunker in the Wasteland that you can step inside to be greeted by an AI called Elton Tusk.

Before you can begin your hunt to find this secret bunker and to meet Elton Tusk, make sure you have completed the Ground Control mission. The bunker is only accessible upon the completion of Ground Control missions. In addition, you need to get Presidential access to go inside the bunker. This can only be done by completing the Ground Control mission.

Where to Find Elon Musk Easter Egg

Fortunately for you, we have located the secret bunker locations in Rage 2. This way you can easily go on to find it and get to see Elton Tusk. We have marked the location of the bunker in the image below.

Once you are at this location, head inside the bunker. You will find several data pads, a storage chest, and two Ark Chests here. As you make your way through the area inside, make sure to collect all the data pads, as they tell you the story of Elton Tusk.

The data pad will reveal Elton as a pioneering rich man who is obsessed with Nanotrites, technology and to travel in space. The bunker will be filled with an assortment of posters, all which look very similar to Elon Musk’s own SpaceX and other properties.

While this secret bunker is not tied to any mission of the game, it is a neat feature or an easter egg for players to discover. As you continue in the bunker, you will come face to face with Elton Tusk, though not in a human form. Elton Tusk will be a brain in a jar connected with machines nearby. Elton will talk about how great he is and self praise himself.

When you are done, you can get two more Ark Chests if you take the elevator upstairs. You will find the chests here containing random rewards. Once you are done, this will complete everything related to Elton Tusk’s secret bunker.

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