Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants Guide – How to Find Giant Mutant Bosses

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants

In this Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutant Guide, we will show you all the locations where you can find the Abadon Crusher Mutants in the game. These are giant bosses that are always hidden inside underground chambers waiting for you.

In total, there are 7 of these giant mutants spread across in the underground tunnels of the Wasteland. 6 of the Abadone Crusher Mutants are found in the open-world of the Wasteland, while 1 is story related in the main mission of Rage 2.

There are two trophies/achievements tied to these monsters Firstly, killing all 7 of the Abadon Crusher Mutants will reward you with the “The Bigger They Fall…” trophy/achievement.

For the second trophy, you are required to kill one of the Mutants with your Phoenix vehicle. This can seem a bit odd when the Mutants are all underground, making it impossible for your vehicle to reach. However, there is one such location that allows you to kill an Abadon Mutant with the vehicle

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants Guide

Below you will find all the locations of the Abadon Crusher Mutants in the game, and how you can specifically reach their exact location in the underground areas. In addition, we will also provide you tips in killing all of these giant baddies.

The Ruined Shaft – Lug The Nut

This location is home to Lug The Nut, who is one of the Abadon Crusher Mutant in the Twisting Canyons region of the game. First off, you need to go to the exact location as shown on the map below.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants

This location will be a sort of construction site, where you need to look for a crane that is holding a section of a pipe, ready to be lowered in the pit. Jump down and head into the pipe what will be The Ruined Shaft.

There will be many smaller enemies here, and you have to take all of them out before you can reach the boss. Follow this pipe until you reach the end of the tunnel, with a door to the right leading you to another part of the shaft. Once you are at the end of the mine, turn right as there will be another part of the location.

Go down the hole by climbing down the ladder, and you will reach Lug The Nut. To defeat this Mutant, aim for its head as it is the most vulnerable part of the giant Mutant. You can also use the hanging explosive barrels to take a massive chunk of health off from the Mutant. Once you have defeated Lug The Nut, this area will be completed.

Filth Hollow – Smeggle the Vile

This location is the place that is home to Smeggle the Vile. To get to this location, you need to go to the northern part of Sekreto Wetlands location. Refer to the image below to go to the exact location of Filth Hollow.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants

Once again, you have to get underground through the pipe located on the hillside. You can get through a small valley leading up to the pipe. Enter inside and fight off the smaller enemies, if you don’t want them to trouble you once you are fighting the boss.

To get to Smeggle the Vile, you need to follow straight along the canals, where you will have hordes of mutants. Before you enter the area of the boss, you need to unscrew the purple colored hatch.

Smeggle’s weak point is its chest that you can exploit and deal massive damage. This boss likes to throw items and perform smash attacks at you. You can use the rock pillars to dodge all attacks while countering with your own attacks. You can also use the rocket launcher to deal high damage to this boss.

The Pain Drain – Sackhead the Painbringer

This area is located in the northern part of Torn Plains. It is surrounded by Delta Charging Station and an Abandoned Garage. As you can expect, it is also a pipe that leads you underground to the boss fight.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants

Enter the pipe that is located on the hillside, and kill any smaller enemies that attack you. It is best to take them all out before you get to the boss as they can trouble you when you fight the boss.

Keep heading deeper as the path will take you straight to Sackhead. Once you reach a big hole, jump down and take down smaller enemies. Once you are done, continue to the next pipe leading you to Sackhead. He will appear and fight you.

Avoid all of the Sackhead’s attack and target behind him as his back is the most vulnerable spot. Mix up your attacks with the rocket launcher to make things faster.

D and D’s Hood – Dugg the Basher, Digg the Smasher

This location is located in the eastern part of The Wilds. There is a way you can take your vehicle to this location, and then kill the mutants with your Phoenix vehicle to get the trophy/achievement.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants

There is a secret path marked above on the map that leads in the jungle, and through a path, that leads you to D and D’s Hood. Just follow the path that leads you to tree logs that lead you to the opposite side, then the broken pipeline, and then another log that leads you straight to this area with buildings.

You can do all this with your car to reach with your vehicle. Take both the mutants down to complete this area, and get the trophy/achievement. Both the Mutants rely on attacks where they throw items at you. You have to avoid these as they can be very deadly. Shoot them with the turret on your vehicle to kill them both.

The Motor Tomb – Grull the Juggernaut

Once you get to the location marked on the map, head into the building which will take you underground via stairs into a parking lot area. Keep heading to the lower levels of this parking lot.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants

In the second lower level, you will come across an exit door that leads you all the way underground and into the pipeline leading to the boss. The boss looks like he is well armored, except its legs which will be the weak spot.

Aim for the legs and mix up with your attacks by using the rocket launcher to deal a high amount of damage.

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This concludes our Rage 2 Abadon Mutant Crushers Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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