Prince of Persia: The Last Crown – How to Save Progress

Prince of Persia The Last Crown Save Progress

Prince of Persia: The Last Crown changes its core formula completely as it is built on a Metroidvania structure. There are no automatic save slots and if you die, you will not just quickly respawn from a previously saved checkpoint. Instead, The Last Crown follows the same method as any other Metroidvania game for its progress-saving mechanism, a key location that also acts as a respite from all of the action. This guide will help you understand how you can save your progress in Prince of Persia: The Last Crown.

How to Save Progress in Prince of Persia: The Last Crown

Progress in Prince of Persia: The Last Crown can be saved at Wak-Wak Trees. You will unlock your very first Wak-Wak tree after arriving at Mount Qaf and progressing in the main story. Keep playing the main game and you will soon arrive at the very first Wak-Wak Tree. After your first Wak-Wak Tree, you will need to find the remaining ones yourself. These are located are different locations throughout Mount Qaf and some of them will be near your main path while some of them will be a little off the main path.

When you are near a Wak-Wak Tree, you will start noticing its golden leaves fallen on the ground and a golden breeze will start guiding you towards its location. Simply follow the breeze and you will soon arrive at a Wak-Wak Tree. Near these Wak-Wak Trees, you will often find other points of interest as well such as Fast Travel Altars, merchants, and more.

Prince of Persia The Last Crown Save Progress

Every time you interact with these Wak-Wak Trees, your health, potions, and depletable amulets are recharged and your game is saved as well. It is worth noting that all of the enemies that you killed earlier will respawn as well after you have rested at the Wak-Wak Tree. Some changes are only possible at the Wak-Wak Tree as well such as changing your Athra Charges and Amulets. When you die, you will respawn at the last Wak-Wak Tree that you interacted with. To change your respawn point, you must interact with the tree, passing through it is not enough. All of your unlocked Wak-Wak Trees are marked on your mini-map.

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