Pokemon Sword and Shield Lickitung Evolution Guide – How to Evolve, Where to Catch

Pokemon Sword and Shield Lickitung Evolution Guide

With the arrival of the new The Isle of Armor expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, many new Pokemon are now in the game which were previously not available in the game. Lickitung is one such Pokemon and lucky for you, not only can you catch Lickitung but also evolve it later into its evolution form Lickilicky. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Lickitung Evolution Guide will help you in both regards.

Lickitung Evolution Guide – Pokemon Sword and Shield

Our Pokemon Sword and Shield Lickitung Evolution Guide details everything that you need to know about catching and evolving Lickitung in The Isle of Armor.

How to Catch Lickitung in The Isle of Armor

Catching Lickitung is easy in Pokemon Sword and Shield as you simply need to start at the Dojo at The Isle of Armor. Once there, make your way to the Soothing Wetlands which is located on the right path from the dojo. Here, you will find plenty of Lickitungs to catch. Check in the tall grass which is their go-to place. Once you have caught one, you are ready for the next phase and that is evolving it. Make sure that it has Rollout move. If not, catch another one until you find one with this ability or you can head over to the Pokemon Center and interact with the Move Reminder to switch an ability with Rollout.

How to Evolve Lickitung into Lickilicky in The Isle of Armor

Once your Lickitung has the Rollout ability, the next step is exceptionally easy. Have him in your party and simply increase its rank by 1 Level. Once done, it will trigger the evolution and you will have a Lickilicky in no time. Just make sure that it is in your party and it has the Rollout move. Without this ability, you cannot evolve your Lickitung into Lickilicky.

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This concludes our guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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