Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Wonder Mail Codes Guide – All Mail Codes

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Wonder Mail Codes Guide

This Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Wonder Mail Codes Guide will detail all of the Wonder Mail Codes. We will also show you how to use the Wonder Mail Codes and what their functions are in the game.

In total, there are 22 Wonder Mail Codes, where use each code for a different item. This includes items like berries, TMs and certain missions that give you special Pokémon.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Wonder Mail Codes Guide

Below we have listed all the Wonder Mail Codes.

All Wonder Mail Codes

Item Wonder Mail Code
Mareep 991Y5K47
Smoochum 92JMR48W
Thunderbolt TM R13R6XY0
Brutal Swing TM XNY8PK40
Bulldoze TM PFXQPCN3
Flamethrower TM P5R9411S
Shadow Ball TM 90P7CQP9
Leech Life TM 3TY1XW99
Energy Ball TM N0R7K93R
Smart Strike TM W95R91XT
Waterfall TM JR4113QS
Focus Blast TM 78SH6463
3x Rare Quality Orb, 3x Inviting Orb, 1x Wigglytuff Orb QXW5MMN1
40x Geo Pebble, 40x Gravelrock, 20x Golden Fossil 8QXR93P5
2x Power Drink, 2x Accuracy Drink, 2x PP-Up Drink XT498SP7
1x Power Band, 1x Defense Scarf, 1x Gold Ribbon 25QQTSCR
2x Life Seed, 2x Carbos 0R7910P7
5x Rawst Berry, 5x Chesto Berry, 2x Tiny Reviver Seed 3R62CR63
2x DX Gummi H6W7K262
1x DX Gummi, 1x Rainbow Gummi XMK95K49
Oran Berry x10, Sitrus Berry x1, Reviver Seed x1 FSHH6SR0

How to Use Wonder Mail Codes

To add the Wonder Mail Codes, you need to go to the main menu and then locate the envelope sealed with the Pelipper image. Here you can add the Wonder Mail Codes mentioned above to get the free stuff.

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This concludes our Wonder Mail Codes Guide. Post your comments below.

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