Pokémon Go Halloween Event Brings Sinnoh Region Dark and Ghost Pokémon

Pokémon Go

Just like majority of other games, Pokémon Go is getting its own special Halloween event which is in fact live right now and players can head to the game and catch some really spooky ghost and dark type Pokémon.

Niantic has announced on their official blog that the special Pokémon Go Halloween event will run from October 23 until November 1 and players will be able to catch Ghost-Type and Dark-Type Pokémon specially from the Sinnoh Region.

Since Halloween is all about treats, Players who catch any Pokémon until the Halloween event is live will earn double Candy. So it is the perfect time to catch as many Pokémon as possible and collect as much Candy as possible since it will come in use later even when the event is running.

You can also choose to help Professor Willow in a special task to investigate an ‘odd stone’. You will be able to complete special Research Tasks which will help you solve the mystery of strange happenings around Professor Willow’s lab. Field Research will also include Ghost-Type and Dark-Type Pokémon during this time.

Most common Ghost Type and Dark-Type Pokémon during this event will be Drifloon and Stunky. Their evolved forms, Drifblim and Skuntank, will also join the fun. It looks like Spiritomb will also be commonly sighted during this special event since he is featured on the reveal picture as well.

Apart from this, the might Giratina who is the ultimate Ghost and Dragon Type Pokémon will be coming to Raid battles. He is making his first appearance in the game. This Pokémon is normally found in the Distortion World and is considered as the king of devils. There are many other Sinnoh region Ghost-Type and Dark-Type Pokémon as well but details have not been shared on their arrival yet.

Players have until November 1 to earn as many Pokémon Candy as possible and try to catch as many Ghost-Type and Dark-Type Pokémon as possible. After the event is over, the game will return to normal state and Ghost-Type and Dark-Type Pokémon will return to their normal locations.

Gen 4 or Sinnoh Region Pokemon were recently added to the game. Check out the story here.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you will be jumping in the Pokémon Go Halloween event or not.

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