Personal 5 Royal New Third Semester Guide – How to Unlock

Personal 5 Royal New Third Semester Guide

This Personal 5 Royal New Third Semester Guide will show you how to unlock the new and third semester in the game. The third semester only begins when you have completed all of the main story.

The third semester also begins when you defeat the God of Control. The third semester can be unlocked with the true ending if you rank up with the characters in the game. We have detailed how to get the true ending in our guide that you can check out here.

Personal 5 Royal New Third Semester Guide

Below we have detailed how to unlock the third semester in the game.

How to Unlock Third Semester

The first requirement for the third semester is to rank up the Councillar Arcana. This can be done by spending time with doctor Maruki and then reach Rank 9. You also have to make sure that holding a persona of the Councillar arcane will speed up the process of ranking up. This will save you enough time and will aid you in getting to Rank 9.

To find Doctor Maruki, you have to check for him in the training building, and on the ground floor. He can usually be found here on school days. The deadline for reaching this rank is November 18, where you will not be able to find Doctor Maruki after crossing this date. If you fail to do so, you will not get the third semester to unlock, and the game will proceed with the original ending of the game.

Another small requirement for this unlock is to not reveal your allies during the interrogation with Sae Niijima. During the interrogation, Sae will ask you about the Phantom Thieves and for your cooperation to rat them out. You have to deny and protect the Phantom Thieves to unlock the third semester.

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