Permanent Price Drop on Great Games at PlayStation Store

There are lots of great titles of this year that has gone through permanent price drop at PlayStation Store. We will detail the games that have received the permanent price drop. There are also temporary discounts, we will also detail them below.

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Starting with our favorite, God of War that was $60 till a couple of days ago. The game is now priced at $40. The price drop is permanent and if you are the one who have not played the game still, now maybe the right time to get it.

Next in our list is Detroit: Become Human. The game released May 25, 2018 exclusively on PlayStation 4 for $60. The game is now priced for $40 and this will be permanent.

The remastered PlayStation 4 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus is also available at $20. Along with that, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is also priced now at $20 only.

Other than these titles which have received permanent price drops, here are few great titles that are currently in sale. The prices are dirt cheap, get the games if you have not played yet.

All of the above mentioned games are the best. Until Dawn and Bloodborne Complete Edition are at dirt cheap price right now.

Temporary Discounts

Epic is running a Fortnite sale this week where for starters, you can get Founders pack at half the price. The founders pack includes standard edition, deluxe edition, super deluxe edition and limited edition. Here are the prices that are temporary reduced.

  • Standard Founder’s Pack $20
  • Deluxe Edition $30
  • Super Deluxe $45
  • Limited Edition $75

Have you missed out on the games mentioned above? Are you looking forward to buy any game mentioned above? Share us your thoughts in comments section below.

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