11 bit Studios Flash Sale is Now Live on Steam

11 bit Studios Sale

11 bit Studios has announced that its second-ever Steam publisher sale is now live and players can nab some of the best titles offered by the developer at massively discounted prices. The sale is now live and it will continue to run until October 13, 2019. Players can now head over to Steam and pick up their favorite titles sitting in their wishlist from 11 bit Studios and its publishing divisions at amazing prices.

The major highlights of this sale include:

  • Frostpunk – A city-builder combined with survival mechanics put you in charge of the last city of the earth as you try to guide the society to outlast a post-apocalyptic winter.
  • This War of Mine – This amazing title lets you see the war through the eyes of a civilian as you struggle to survive in a city torn apart by war and destruction.
  • Children of Morta – Developed by Dead Mage, this amazing rogue-like title will allow you to take control of the amazing Bergsons’ Family who must do everything they can to save the world they live in.
  • Moonlighter – Developed by Digital Sun, this one of a kind RPG tells you the story of a hero merchant who runs a store in his home village and explores deadly dungeons in this past time.

The complete lineup of titles in the sale includes:

  • Frostpunk – 50% off!
  • Children of Morta – 10% off!
  • Moonlighter – with its highest discount ever – 60% off!
  • Moonlighter ‘Between Dimensions’ DLC – with its first discount ever – 20% off!
  • This War of Mine – 75% off!
  • This War of Mine: Season Pass – with its first discount ever – 25% off!
  • This War of Mine: Complete Edition – with its highest discount ever – 67% off!
  • Beat Cop – with its highest discount ever – 80% off!
  • Tower 57 – with its highest discount ever – 75% off!
  • For the very first time – Frostpunk Game of the Year Edition!
  • And for the very first time – Moonlighter: Complete Edition!
  • Finally, some of the 11 bit studios games that started it all, like Spacecom and Anomaly!

Which 11 bit studios title are you going to purchase from the current flash sale on Steam? Let us know in the comments section below.

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