Palworld Multiplayer Guide – How to Play with Friends, Crossplay Options

Palworld Multiplayer Guide

Palworld is the newest, hottest title currently on the market as it is basically defined as Pokemon with guns. It features Pokemon-like creatures known as Pals and there are tons of them in the game for you to find and make friends with. It is nonetheless a great title, and it even gives you the option of playing online with friends, which is what this guide is all about. Unlike the original Pokemon game, Palworld supports multiplayer but there is no PvP in the game which might arrive later in the game. For now, multiplayer is still fun, and this Palworld Multiplayer Guide will help you with how you can play multiplayer in the game.

How to Play Multiplayer in Palworld

There are two ways to join a multiplayer game in Palworld. The game offers both private and public servers. The private servers only support 4-player multiplayer, but the real action happens in public servers where up to 32 players can join in the fun at the same time. You can either host or join a multiplayer game depending on your preference. For joining personal servers using a personal save file, you can enter the invite code and the host player has in their options. Make sure that the host has multiplayer enabled in their settings because otherwise, you will not be able to join their game.

If you are hosting the game, you will need to send the code every time to your friends who want to join your game. If you are joining a game, you will need a unique host code from your friend every time they host the game. Dedicated servers are provided by the developers, and they allow you to play with a lot of other players as well. You can simply join one of the Palworld public servers and you will be good to go. You can either host your dedicated server as well, for which you can use an online guide, or you can pay for a hosting website that will do it for you. If you are playing on Xbox, you cannot have dedicated servers because they are currently only available for PC Steam players.

Multiplayer Gameplay in Palworld

While the multiplayer options in Palworld are fairly limited, it is still fun to do different activities in the game world. You can take on different bosses as a group or you can create a guild and invite players to join it. Only players in your guild will be able to help you out in different tasks such as working on your base. Each player in the game will need to create their own guild if they want to create their own, unique base.

Palworld Multiplayer Guide

Apart from these activities, there is not much else to do in multiplayer because exploration is a solo activity in Palworld. Each player will need to explore the map individually to uncover it and unlock fast travel points throughout it. Another aspect that is unique to each player is loot. If one player picks up an item, it will not be available to other players even if they are part of your guild so exploration is pretty much a solo aspect of the game even if you are playing multiplayer with your friends.

Crossplay in Palworld

At this point, Palworld does not support any sort of crossplay between its multiplayer aspect and solo aspect. Xbox players cannot play with PC players and PC players cannot play with Xbox players. Apart from this, even the two PC versions, Game Pass for PC and PC Steam cannot be played with each other via crossplay, so you are pretty much stuck with other players on the same platform. This might change in the future but as of now, there is no crossplay between any of the three platforms.

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This concludes our Palworld Multiplayer Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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