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Palworld is set in the Palpagos Islands which is a huge location, and you will be exploring it thoroughly to find new Pals and add them to your collection. This means that you will also want to travel around quickly because quite often you will need to head back to a previously explored location, and you would rather do it quickly instead of walking or flying your way back. For this very purpose, Palworld includes a cool fast travel mechanic, and this Palworld Fast Travel Guide will detail how you can unlock Fast Travel along with all of the locations of fast travel signs.

Fast Travel Guide – Palworld

Fast Travel in Palworld is unlocked right at the start of the game. After starting your adventure, you will soon arrive at the very first fast travel statue. On the map, it is initially marked orange but once you interact with it, it turns blue which shows that you have now unlocked this statue for fast travel. After you unlock your first fast travel point, you must explore the world more to unlock even more Fast Travel points because only then you can use the first Fast Travel statue properly.

Apart from finding these statues in random locations spread all over the map, you will also unlock special towers once you have defeated a boss. These can also be used to fast travel around the map and in addition to these, you can also use your Palbox in your base to fast travel. Each time you visit and activate a fast travel statue, you will also get a Technology Point which can be used later to unlock cool new stuff. Below, you will find a map that shows the locations of all Fast Travel statues in Palworld.

Palworld Fast Travel Guide
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That is all for this guide. You may want to check out our Palworld Beginner’s Guide, Pal Type Guide, and Multiplayer Guide if you want more help with the game.

This concludes our Palworld Fast Travel Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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