Palworld Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Palworld Beginner's Guide

Palworld is a brand-new take on Pokemon as it combines base building with a Pokemon-like creature collection system with Pals that can fire cool weapons as well. Starting into the game could be a little intimidating because there is so much to do in the game. If you are confused about what you should be doing properly and understand some cool mechanics of the game, this guide is just right for you. Our Palworld Beginner’s Guide is all about tips and tricks that you should know if you are just starting to play Palworld.

Beginner’s Guide – Palworld

Below you will find important tips and tricks that will help you along the journey in Palworld if you are just starting the game.

Use the Survival Guide

During the in-game tutorial at the start of the game, you are introduced to the Survival Guide which is one of the most important aspects of the game. It has every single detail that you will know about playing Palworld. It details some of the in-game mechanics that you might never discover but if you read it, you will know about them. It is one of the most important things in your inventory so if you are stuck in the game or lost about something, always check your Survival Guide first to ensure that you are not missing anything relating to that particular problem.

Focus on Important Stats First

Your character will have six base stats that you can upgrade in time to make your character more efficient in that particular task. However, not all of the stats are that important for you at the start so you should always focus on stats that matter. These include your HP; weight carry limit and work speed. Increasing your HP will allow you to survive longer in combat, increasing your weight limit will allow you to carry more items at one time when you are exploring, and increasing the work speed will allow you to craft items much more quickly than before. Focus on these three stats first and then move on to the other stats depending on your gameplay style.

Catch Whatever Comes Your Way

Palworld is a game about crafting and catching Pals. Pals are vital for your survival in the game because they will help you in building your base and defending it from attacks and also fighting other powerful Pals so that you can add them to your collection. So at the start of the game, catch all of the Pals that you encounter because the more the merrier. Each Pal comes with a unique Element Type so having a multitude of them is also important. You also earn XP for catching 10 of each Pal type so when you first start playing, catch everything that comes your way, and do not be picky. You can decide which ones you want to have as your ‘main’ later.

Palworld Beginner's Guide

Eat Pals to Survive an Empty Stomach

You have to eat to make sure that you survive another day in Palworld and sometimes it would mean that you will need to kill and eat the Pals that you catch while exploring. While things will get better for you with progression, in your early hours, you may find it tough to get some food in your stomach. When it happens, you can always chop up your Pals and put them inside a cooker to feed yourself. If you go hungry and do not eat anything, you will ultimately die but if you eat and survive, you can always catch Pals later so if dire situations arise, you can always eat your Pals.

Always Deploy Your Pals inside Your Base

While you may deploy your Pal while you are out exploring the world, when you are back at your base, you should always deploy your Pal because it will help out with different chores around the base. Depending on their skill and expertise, the Pal will automatically look around and start doing that specific task. It could range from helping out in a building task, managing a crafting task, or even collecting resources for you. Always have your Pal deployed at your base and you will see it helping around with different tasks. You can also look for Pals that have multiple abilities as they will come in handy around the base. Such Pals can help you out in multiple tasks and they can easily manage the work of multiple Pals because they have more than 1 ability.

Explore in Different Times of the Day

While it may be natural for you to sleep during the night and explore during the day, some of the Pals only appear at night while some appear only during the daytime. If you are having a tough time figuring out where a specific Pal might be, try switching up the time and exploring during the night and you might just find what you are looking for. For exploring the game during the nighttime, you can craft some torches and place them around the map for easy navigation and looking around. Some of the Pals prefer the quiet and spookiness of the night so you will only find them at night.

Build a Proper Base

Base building is an integral part of gameplay in Palworld because this is one of the elements that sets this game apart from Pokemon. Having a proper base will allow you to rest at night in peace and also store your extra luggage in a safe spot. Your Pals will assist you in base building, but you must be ready to invest a decent amount of your gameplay time in building a good base as it will serve as a main hub for all of your operations.

The more facilities you craft, the more time you will need to invest in your base. As you release your Pals in your base, they will start working automatically but you can also assign them specific tasks to complete so make use of these advanced mechanics. You do not have to worry about the building location of your first base as well because you can always move your base or even have multiple bases later in the game.

Always Upgrade Your Base Level

After building your base, your next goal should be to upgrade your base whenever you can. Upgrading your base will give you two different benefits. The first is that it will allow you to increase the max number of Pals working at the base and the second is that it will allow you to increase the max number of bases that you can have at that specific time. This ultimately increases your speed of progression in the game because the more Pals you have working on your base, the more stuff you get, and the more stuff you have, the quicker you can progress in different aspects of the game.

Make Inventory Management Efficient

There is a useful command in Palworld that gives you a shortcut for quickly managing your inventory in the game. When you have to transfer items from your inventory to a chest in your base and you have a lot of items in your inventory, what you can do is simply take the cursor over to your inventory and press ‘R’.

This will switch everything from your inventory to the chest that can be transferred. The game will judge on its own which items should be transferred and which should not be transferred so if you already have some amount of resources in a chest and some in your inventory, simply open both tabs and press ‘R’ while keeping your cursor over your inventory and the game will do the rest for you.

Craft As Many Spheres As Possible

You will need to catch a lot of Pals in Palworld and for doing so, you will need a lot of spheres with you. For this very purpose, you must always craft spheres when you can. Not only will you always have a good reserve of Spheres at your base but any time when you run out of Spehers, you can quickly jump back to your base and collect Spheres and go complete your task. You also earn XP for crafting so this is another good way of ensuring that you have a good supply of Spheres and also earning XP to level up in the game.

Unleash Vixy in Your Ranch for Bonus Items

When you get access to your ranch, your first goal should be to catch some Vixy and release them across your Ranch. Leaving Vixy to roam around in your ranch will result in them digging up a multitude of items for you to use which includes Pal Spehers, Gold Coins, Arrows, and other useful stuff. Simply having 3 or 4 Vixy roaming around in your ranch will result in you having a steady supply of items dug out from your ground. You can collect them when you return to your base.

Always Have a Good Supply of Wood

Wood is the foundation of your base and like I mentioned in the previous point, you must create a proper base. To create a proper base, you will need a large supply of wood. Other resources come into play as well, but the main foundation of your base will always be wood so make sure that you start collecting wood right from the start of the game. In the opening area of Palworld, there are a lot of trees that you can chop down to start building your base. Even if you do not want to build a base right away, start chopping down the trees to ensure that you have enough wood later when you want to build your base.

Palworld Beginner's Guide

Always Pick Up Pal Eggs

While exploring the game, you will often stumble upon Pal eggs in their nests. You can pick them up and put them inside an incubator because they can be hatched easily for some new Pals. Some Pals lay eggs in areas other than their natural habitat so you might get lucky and find a Pal inside an egg that might live in an area pretty far from where you are. In addition, having additional Pals in your collection is always good so make sure that you always pick random Pal eggs and use Incubators to hatch them. Depending on your luck, you may stumble upon the much rarer ‘Large’ variant of eggs which will give you a better version of Pal once it hatches.

Exploit Type Advantage in Combat

Similar to Pokemon, each type of Pal in Palworld is stronger than another type of Pal so make sure that you use this to your advantage. The Pal Type system helps you in identifying which Pal Type is stronger against which type and which Pal Type is weaker against which type so you must always use this handy guide to gain the edge over your enemies.

Do Not Let Death Bring You Down

Naturally, you will often die in Palworld, and it will be from fights or natural hazards. There are different ways to die in the game so ensure that you are always looking out for yourself. Before sleeping in your base, make sure to light a fire near your sleeping area otherwise you will freeze to death. While cooking, make sure that you do not go into the fight yourself because it will kill you.

There are a lot of different ways that will cause you to die in the game so make sure that you eat well, look after yourself, and pick your fights according to your strength. Even if you die, you will lose the resources that you currently have with you but that’s about it. When you die, you can also choose a different location on the map to respawn.

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Do Not Expect a Perfect Game

As of now, Palworld is in its early access stage on both PC and Xbox, so the game is bound to be filled with different glitches and bugs. The main purpose of Early Access is to finalize the development and polishing of the game in a live environment where actual players are experiencing the game, and you must go in prepared to experience some level of glitches and bugs.

As of now, the biggest ones are server crashes and load management but given the sheer number of players currently playing Palworld, these were bound to happen. The developers are actively working on fixing the game, adding new features, and making it even better so expect only better things in the future.

That is all for this guide. Make sure that you check out additional guides such as our Multiplayer Guide and Fast Travel Guide.

This concludes our Palworld Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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