Palworld Ancient Technology Points Guide – How to Get, Where to Use

Palworld Ancient Technology Points Guide

Ancient Technology Points are one of the resources in Palworld that you can use to unlock special crafting recipes. However, unlike other resources, Ancient Technology Points requires you to be at your best when it comes to combat because you will need to find and defeat many difficult bosses all around the map. You will not get these by simply leveling up like you get normal Technology Points. This Palworld Ancient Technology Points Guide will help you with how you can get Ancient Technology Points and also farm them easily.

Ancient Technology Points Guide – Palworld

One thing about getting Ancient Technology Points is that you will only get them after defeating tough enemies. Two different types of bosses will drop Ancient Technology Points for you in Palworld. One of them is Tower Bosses while the other is the Alpha Pal Bosses. Every time you defeat either a Tower Boss or an Alpha Pal Boss, you will get an Ancient Technology Point. You will find details on finding these bosses in this guide.

Syndicate Tower Bosses

Throughout the Palpagos Islands, you will find five Syndicate Towers; each tower has a different boss for you to fight and defeat. You can compare them with Pokémon’s Gym Leaders. There are five biomes in Palworld, and each biome has a Syndicate Tower with a boss inside it. The five bosses include:

  • Zoe & Grizzbolt – Found Inside Tower of the Rayne Syndicate
  • Axel & Orserk – Found Inside Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre
  • Lily & Lyleen – Found Inside Tower of the Free Pal Alliance
  • Victor & Shadowbreak – Found inside Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit
  • Marcus & Faleris – Found inside Tower of the PIDF
Palworld Ancient Technology Points Guide
Image Source: MapGenie, All Syndicate Towers

You will fight Zoe & Grizzbolt as part of the main story but after that, the game lets you loose in the world to seek and hunt down the remaining bosses on your own. Every time you defeat a boss, you will be rewarded with an Ancient Technology Point. Below, we have marked the locations of all Syndicate Towers found in the game. After your first one, you can follow your own route in order to defeat them.

Alpha Pal Bosses

Alpha Pal Bosses are standard bosses that are just high-level Pals that you will find roaming in the world. These Alpha Pals are roaming the map in their own arenas or zones and all you need to fight them is become powerful enough. Each Alpha Pal has its own level so not all of them will pose a threat to you if you are decently leveled up but as you level up more, the Alpha Pals will become more powerful as well. Their strength depends on your player level. Once you encounter one or have a close encounter with one, their location will be marked on our map with their picture inside a circle.

There is no limit on how many times you can fight and defeat these Alpha Pals, but you will only get an Ancient Technology Point the first time you defeat an Alpha Pal. For example, if you encounter and defeat the Alpha Pal Chillet, you will get an Ancient Technology Point but if you fight it and defeat it again, you will not get the point. This is for all Alpha Pals. You will only get a point for the first time you defeat them. Once you defeat them, a checkmark will appear on their portrait on your map showing that you have already claimed its Ancient Technology Point. The map below shows the location of all Alpha Pals in Palworld for your reference.

Palworld Ancient Technology Points Guide
Image Source: MapGenie

All Ancient Technology Unlocks

As you level up by gaining normal Technology Points, you will unlock tiers for Ancient Technology Unlocks as well. They are inside the same Technology tab but they are on the right side of the many in a separate section and not all levels will have an unlock for you. To unlock their tier, you will need to level up normally but to unlock a specific Ancient Technology item, you will need Ancient Technology Points. All items require 1 Ancient Technology Point to unlock. For crafting these items, you will need Ancient Civilization Parts as well. Below are all of the items that require Ancient Technology Points for unlocking them:

Ancient Technology Item Level Required for Unlock
Egg Incubator Level 7
Small Feed Bag Level 10
Grappling Gun Level 12
Pal Essence Condenser Level 14
Mega Grappling Gun Level 17
Average Feed Bag Level 20
Hip Lantern Level 22
Large Feed Bag Level 26
Single-Shot Sphere Launcher Level 29
Giga Grappling Gun Level 32
Huge Feed Bag Level 35
Scatter Sphere Launcher Level 38
Lily’s Spear Level 40
Decal Gun Set Level 42
Giant Feed Bag Level 45
Hyper Grappling Gun Level 47
Homing Sphere Launcher Level 50

That is all for this guide. For additional help with the game, you can check out additional guides like our Multiplayer Guide, Beginner’s Guide, and Fast Travel Guide.

This concludes our Palworld Ancient Technology Points Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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