OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Modifications Guide – Blueprints, Weapons, Hub Upgrades

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Modifications Guide

In this OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Modifications Guide, we will guide you on different types of modifications that you can opt for in OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. These modifications range from modifying your weapons with different mods, finding new blueprints for creating new things and modifying your Hub with more stations so that you can get some boosts and bonuses.

We have curated this OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Modifications Guide in which we have detailed all of the possible modifications that are allowed by the game and details on how you can perform these modifications. We have also listed what to do with the blueprints that you find in the game and how to use mods on your weapons. With the help of this guide, you will be able to easily modify many things in OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead.

Modifications Guide – How to Do

Our OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Modifications Guide details everything that you need to know about modifications in OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead.

Hub Modifications

Before you can start modifying your hub with different workstations, you will need to upgrade it first. Once it is upgraded enough, you can purchase different types of workstations in your hub. These workstations are operated by survivors that you save in the game and bring them back to your hub. Each of these workstations will provide you with different types of bonuses and stat boosts which are very helpful for surviving in the game.

Initially each of the workstation will only have a limited number of survivor slots who can work there. As you upgrade your hub even further, the workstations will also be upgraded giving you the ability of assigning more worker to each workstation. You can build four different workstations in your hub.


Clinic increases the down time before you are dead. Once this is fully upgraded, it will allow you to get incapacitated for one time before you die permanently in the game.


Range will give your different stealth enhancement buffs. You can assign tacticians here.


Scouts can work on the Radio station and they increase your crafting efficiency. It also gives you a resource boost and you get more resources every time you loot or collect.


Depot will greatly increase your health and vitality so we recommend that you build it early in the game.

Modifying Your Weapons

You can modify your weapons in the game as well using mods. As you complete more mission, you will be rewarded with weapon mods which can be used to upgrade your weapons. Once you are in possession of a weapon mod, you can equip it to increase the combat effectiveness of your weapons.

To equip a weapon, you can open the menu and choose the Vault tab. Once there, you can pick whatever weapon you want to mod. Once done, simply choose the available mods for that weapon and you will good to go. Remember that weapon mods are not universal so they can only be applied to respective weapons.

Always keep a lookout for better mods as owning better and fully upgraded weapons in the game will ensure that you survive for as long as possible in the game. Each weapon in the game can be modified to some extent so you can easily make them better by equipping mods.


You can unlock new modifications by finding blueprints in the game. They are scattered around the game but in order to start finding them, your hub must be upgraded to at least level 2. You cannot find them prior to upgrading your hub to level 2. Blueprints allow you to craft new items for you weapons as well as camp upgrades as well.

Once your hub is level 2, you will unlock the ability to go on Bounty Hunts. Head to Georgetown and speak with Anderson who will give you bounties to collect. Once you have completed at least five bounties, you will have access to getting blueprints are rewards. Use them to upgrade your camp or craft other new useful items for survival.

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This concludes our OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Modifications Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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