Outriders Technomancer Legendary Armor Guide – Legendary Armor Sets, Bonuses, Mods

Outriders Technomancer Legendary Armor Guide

This Outriders Technomancer Legendary Armor Guide will show you all the Technomancer Legendary Armor sets with their bonus and the Tier 3 mods you get with each Legendary Armor piece in a set.

Each class in the game has four sets of Legendary Armor, each containing Legendary Armor pieces that make up a set. Legendary Armor sets grant your character class powerful bonuses when you equip three or more legendary pieces of the set.

Legendary Armor pieces can be obtained when you beat Elite bosses in the game’s side missions or expeditions that you play after finishing the game. You can also increase your chances significantly if you play at the highest World Tier, where you have more than 400% chance or a Legendary Armor drop when defeating enemies or completing missions.

Outriders Technomancer Legendary Armor Guide

Below we have detailed all the Legendary Armor Sets with their bonuses, armor pieces, and mods that are attached to each Legendary Armor piece.

Borealis Monarch

Increase weapon damage on frozen enemies by 80%. Critical damage is also increased for all party members by 10% for eight seconds after you activate Cold Snap.

Legendary Armor Piece Best Mods
Crown of the Borealis Monarch
  • Twins – Cryo Turret (Tier 3)
  • Painful Chill – Cold Snap (Tier 1)
Robe of the Borealis Monarch
  • Icicle Storm – Cold Snap (Tier 3)
  • Frostbite – Cold Snap (Tier 1)
Gloves of the Borealis Monarch
  • Captain Hunter (Tier 3)
  • Surprise – Cryo Turret (Tier 1)
Waistcloth of the Borealis Monarch
  • Cryodown – Cryo Turret (Tier 3)
  • Freezing Boost (Tier 2)
Boots of the Borealis Monarch
  • Sharp Eye (Tier 3)
  • Cold Purification – Cold Snap (Tier 1)

Grim Inventor

While Tool of Destruction is active, a confirmed hit with the Pain Launcher will refill 20% of your ammo for both the RPG and Minigun.

Legendary Armor Piece Best Mods
Grim Inventor’s Mask
  • Rocket Man – Tool of Destruction (Tier 3)
  • Upgraded Gun – Tool of Destruction (Tier 1)
Grim Inventor’s Coat
  • Cannonade – Pain Launcher (Tier 3)
  • Fortify – Tool of Destruction (Tier 1)
Grim Inventor’s Gloves
  • Not Impressed (Tier 3)
  • Advanced Rockets – Pain Launcher (Tier 1)
Grim Inventor’s Leg Armor
  • Special Delivery – Tool of Destruction (Tier 3)
  • Portable Armory – Tool of Destruction (Tier 1)
Grim Inventor’s Boots
  • Bigger Sector – Pain Launcher (Tier 3)
  • Rain of Pain – Pain Launcher (Tier 1)

Plague Sower

After inflicting the Toxic status on an enemy, gain 5% damage reduction for five seconds. This can stack up to five times.

Legendary Armor Piece Best Mods
Plague Sower’s Skull
  • Splash Boost – Blighted Rounds (Tier 3)
  • Euthaniser (Tier 2)
Plague Sower’s Coat
  • To the Bone – Blighted Rounds (Tier 3)
  • No Pain, No Gain – Blighted Rounds (Tier 1)
Plague Sower’s Hands
  • Power Assimilation (Tier 3)
  • Trick Up the Sleeve – Blighted Rounds (Tier 1)
Plague Sower’s Trousers
  • Med burst – Blighted Turret (Tier 3)
  • Spare Mag – Blighted Rounds (Tier 1)
Plague Sower’s Boots
  • Enriched Anthrax – Blighter Turret (Tier 3)
  • Better Parts – Blighted Turret (Tier 1)

Torrential Downpour

Scrapnel creates additional cluster bombs after an explosion.

Legendary Armor Piece Best Mods
Torrential Downpour’s Goggles
  • Breath-In – Fixing Wave (Tier 3)
  • More Traps – Scrapnel (Tier 1)
Torrential Downpour’s Armor
  • Trap Cluster – Scrapnel (Tier 3)
  • Cleansing Wind – Fixing Wave (Tier 1)
Torrential Downpour’s Gloves
  • Anomaly Echo (Tier 3)
  • Fine-Tuned – Scrapnel (Tier 1)
Torrential Downpour’s Leg Armor
  • Head of the Ward (Tier 3)
  • More Damage – Scrapnel (Tier 1)
Torrential Downpour’s Footgear
  • Quartermaster – Fixing Wave (Tier 3)
  • Supplies – Scrapnel (Tier 1)

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