Outriders Molten Acari Boss Guide – How to Beat, Weaknesses, Attack Patterns

Outriders Molten Acari Boss Guide

This Outriders Molten Acari Boss Guide will show you how to beat one of the toughest bosses in the game called Molten Acari. This is a huge spider boss that fights in a tight arena trapping you inside a ring of lava.

The boss itself appears to be running on lava and uses many of its molten lava attacks that can decimate you with a few hits. However, with a clear strategy and disciplined attacks, you can pretty much have control of the entire boss fight.

Outriders Molten Acari Boss Guide

Below we have detailed how to defeat Molten Acari boss in the game.

How to Beat Molten Acari

The fight with this boss comes in three stages, which is also indicative of the boss’s three-part health bar. As you deplete each bar, the boss will reappear stronger than before, with a few new attacks to throw at you in trying to overwhelm you. This is where you need to know exactly what to do and how you should attack this giant fiery spider.

If you want to learn the attack patterns, you can sacrifice a few lives to understand how the boss fight works, but it is nothing too difficult to learn in a few minutes. In the first stage of the battle, Molten Acari will throw a few attacks at you which will cycle all throughout this stage. One such attack is the melee attack when you are in close range. Your strategy here is to stay mid-range from the boss as to have decent damage range, while also having enough space to evade the boss’s lunge attack.

Your attacks are basically the same, which is to target the boss’s weak points. When facing directly at the boss, you need to shoot raised back of the spider, revealing the glowing fiery weak point that will be your focus of attacks. Every time the boss is about to attack, the ground will be lit up by a blue circle, indicating where the spider will land and the radius of the damage effect. Whenever you find the blue indication where you are standing, dodge or keep running to avoid the attacks. The boss will also jump on the wall and throw multiple projectiles, which will again be indicated by the blue circles where they will land. In this attack, you should stop attacking and keep running to avoid getting hit.

In the second phase, the spider will return slightly more powerful but accompanied by the smaller minions that will spawn from outside the ring of lava. This phase is all about being on the move, taking out the smaller enemies, avoiding the boss’ heavy attacks, and keep shooting at the weak point of the boss which will be on the back in the same location.

When you have depleted 2/3rds of the boss’ health, the spider will then turn into a tall giant centipede creature in the middle of the stage. This is probably the easiest stage of the boss fight if you know what to do. The boss has a few attacks, while accompanied by more minions that will follow you. One such attack is the wall of lava it spews and slowly rotates with, forcing you to stay inside the walls and keep running.

Fortunately, this rotation is pretty slow, which means you can now attack the many blisters on the boss’ body which are the new weak points. Occasionally, the minions will be on your tail, but you can easily shoot them off. The second attack will be indicated with a large blue circle that you have to run or dodge to get out of, but it is nothing too impossible. However, keep in mind that this attack slaps pretty hard and can take you out with a couple of hits, if not more.

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