Outriders Captain Reiner Boss Guide – How to Beat

Outriders Captain Reiner Boss Guide

This Outriders Captain Reiner Boss Guide will show you how to beat one of the bosses in the game called Captain Reiner. This boss can be found in the Payback side quest after you get situated with the first few tasks of the game.

This quest is given to you by a soldier that you find on the crossroads, where he is seeking revenge from this boss.

Outriders Captain Reiner Boss Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat Reiner in the game.

How to Beat Reiner

When you first enter the battle stage, Reiner will have a lot of enemies that will defend him and fight against you. The boss battle begins where you first have to defeat all the smaller enemies before Reiner joins you in the battle.

When fighting the smaller enemies, take advantage of all the abilities you have in hand, while using any cover you can find from incoming attacks. You will also have to lookout for the laser snipers that will be shooting at you from time to time. Avoid staying in one location where the sniper lasers can lock at you and hit you with a shot.

Once you have defeated all the enemies, Captain Reiner will step down and fight you. Since this is an early boss in the game, you will learn about interrupting the enemy’s charge attacks with the game tip. This mechanism allows you to interrupt the enemy when they are charging up to attack you, followed by countering with your own attacks.

You will also learn that interrupting too many times will cause resistance which will be indicated by the blue color on the boss. This is to encourage mixing things up in the fight and make things interesting rather than cheesing your way out to victory.

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