Outriders Attributes Guide – How to Craft, Attribute Bonuses

Outriders Attributes Guide

This Outriders Attributes Guide will show you all the Attributes that you can craft to get bonuses in the game. Attributes can be crafted for bonus effects using one of the resource materials in the game called Anomaly Shards.

Anomaly Shards can be obtained when you dismantle an item in the game. You will probably have many items that you might not need or duplicate items that can be discarded. Instead, dismantling them is a really good way to farm Anomaly Shards, that you can then use for a weapon’s attributes of your choice. So any weapon or item that you may have upgraded its attributes can be dismantled to refund a portion of the Anomaly Shards that you added in.

Outriders Attributes Guide

Below we have listed all the Attributes and their bonuses in the game.



Anomaly Power Increases the damage dealt by Melee, Skills, and Status Effects
Armor Pierce Lowers the damage reduction caused by the enemy’s armor value.
Bonus Firepower Increases the Weapon Damage your character deals
Close Range Damage The bonus Weapon Damage dealt to enemies within 10 meters of you.
Cooldown Reduction Reduces the cooldown of your skills.
Crit Chance The chance to inflict a random critical hit with weapons.
Crit Damage The total Weapon Damage increase of your critical hits and headshots.
Healing Received Increases the amount of health restored through direct healing
Long Range Damage The bonus Weapon Damage dealt to enemies further than 25 meters from you.
Max Health Increases the number of hit points you have.
Resistance Pierce The percentage of enemy Resistance that is ignored when dealing ability damage.
Skill Leech Heals you for a percentage of damage dealt by a Skill.
Status Power Increases the effectiveness of your Status Effects, like Bleed or Burn.
Weapon Leech Heals you for a percentage of damage dealt by a weapon.

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