Outriders Anomaly Shards Guide – How to Get, Uses

Outriders Anomaly Shards Guide

This Outriders Anomaly Shards Guide will show you how you can get Anomaly Shards in the game, which is one of the resource materials required for crafting. Anomaly Shards can be obtained in a few ways in the game right now as Crafting is available with the launch of the full game.

Unlike the demo where you couldn’t access crafting of any sort in the game, you can now use all the resource materials in the game on crafting as the full game is launched today. But of course, you will run out of these materials as you craft weapons and gear, prompting you to look for more. This includes Anomaly Shard, which will be needed to upgrade your high rarity weapons and gear.

Outriders Anomaly Shards Guide

Below we have detailed how to get Anomaly Shards in the game.

How to Get Anomaly Shards

Much like other resource materials like Titanium, Leather, and Iron, Anomaly Shards are one of such materials that are needed for crafting. High Tier weapons in the game can be upgraded even further by unlocking Attributes for them. This can be done by spending Anomaly Shards in the crafting menu.

Every Attribute that you see will require its own amount of Anomaly Shards to craft it on your weapon.

Anomaly Shards can be obtained when you dismantle an item in the game. You will probably have many items that you might not need, or duplicate items that can be discarded. Instead, dismantling them is a really good way to farm Anomaly Shards, that you can then use for a weapon’s attributes of your choice. So any weapon or item that you may have upgraded its attributes can be dismantled to refund a portion of the Anomaly Shards that you added in.

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