NZXT’s Game-Changing Gear: Unlock Your Full Potential with Function 2 Keyboards and Lift 2 Mice

NZXT has just rolled out its latest arsenal for gamers: the Function 2 Keyboards and Lift 2 Series Mice. Known for their innovation in the PC gaming sphere, NZXT’s newest offerings promise not just a leap in gaming hardware but a revolution in how we play.

Function 2 Keyboards: A Symphony of Speed and Customization

The Function 2 series is where performance meets personalization. Imagine a keyboard that not only keeps pace with your quickest reflexes but also bends to your will with customizable features. With an impressive 8,000 Hz polling rate and rapid linear 40g optical switches, these keyboards are all about capturing every nuance of your gameplay. The cherry on top? Adjustable actuation at 1mm or 1.5mm to make sure it matches your touch perfectly.

But NZXT didn’t stop there. They’ve embraced the DIY spirit with hot-swappable switch sockets, making it a breeze to switch up your gaming experience without the hassle of soldering. Each keyboard arrives with an assortment of optical switches, including four 35g and four 45g options, along with a keycap and switch puller tool. It’s customization made easy.

Durability and aesthetics also score high with the Function 2 keyboards. Doubleshot PBT keycaps ensure your legends never fade, while pre-lubed switches and plate-mounted stabilizers offer smooth, consistent keystrokes. And that sound-dampening foam? It’s the thoughtful touch that keeps your late-night gaming sessions from becoming a neighborhood event.

Lift 2 Mice: Precision Engineered to Elevate Your Game

The Lift 2 series is where lightweight design meets meticulous engineering. Weighing in at just 58 grams for the Symm and 61 grams for the Ergo, these mice are designed to fly across your mouse pad with ease. The 8,000 Hz polling rate and 26,000 DPI optical sensor ensure that whether you’re making a split-second shot or tracking your enemy’s movement, precision is guaranteed.

NZXT has also packed these mice with gamer-friendly features like a low-drag paracord cable and PTFE glide pads for effortless movement. And with ergonomic and symmetrical designs available, every gamer can find their perfect fit.

Beyond the Hardware: NZXT CAM Software

NZXT CAM software brings it all together, allowing you to tailor your Function 2 keyboard and Lift 2 mouse to your gaming style. From adjusting RGB lighting and polling rates to setting DPI preferences, NZXT CAM puts you in control.

Special Edition Alert: Starfield Fans, Take Note

In celebration of the much-anticipated Starfield game, NZXT is launching a limited edition Starfield™ variant of the Lift 2 Symm mouse and mousepad, alongside the CRFT H5 Flow Starfield case. It’s a dream setup for fans, blending top-notch gaming performance with a design inspired by the vastness of space.

Pricing and Availability

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your keyboard to the full-sized Function 2 or the compact MiniTKL, or you’re in the market for a new mouse that redefines precision, NZXT has you covered. Available now in Nordic regions through select retailers, these gaming essentials are waiting to transform your gameplay.

With NZXT’s latest lineup, the future of gaming is not just about playing; it’s about playing your way. The Function 2 Keyboards and Lift 2 Series Mice are more than tools; they’re your partners in every battle, every race, and every quest. Welcome to a new era of gaming excellence.

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