Nvidia DLSS Causes Image Artifacts And Harsh Scaling Says AMD

Nvidia DLSS

Nvidia DLSS technology is only supported by a couple of games right now but that is not the only reason why AMD is not offering the feature. The company claims that Nvidia DLSS causes image artifacts and harsh scaling. AMD’s Adam Kozak mentioned that AMD Radeon VII could offer a feature similar to Nvidia DLSS but it now seems that is no longer an option.

Now it seems that AMD is going with SMAA and TAA instead. AMD’s director of marketing, Sasa Marinkovic touched on the matter by mentioning the following:

In the end, we are looking at the methods that are going to be widely implemented in today’s games, and that run exceptionally well on Radeon VII. So our priority is going to be looking at SMAA and TAA and not proprietary technologies.

Nvidia DLSS

AMD Gaming exec. Nish Neelalojanan mentioned that AMD graphics cards are not optimized for machine learning right now and that something similar to Nvidia DLSS could still be achieved using standard frameworks. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

Some of the other broader available frameworks,” says Neelalojanan, “like WindowsML and DirectML, these are something we are actively looking at optimizing… At some of the previous shows, we’ve shown some of the upscaling, some of the filters available with WindowsML, running really well with some of our Radeon cards.

While AMD is not going after technologies like Nvidia DLSS right now, it is worth mentioning that there is nothing stopping the company from doing so in the future. It is also worth mentioning the that company is working on real-time ray tracing support for its cards.

The rumored Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti has been spotted and keeping in mind that it is based on the Turing architecture, it is possible that it will offer DLSS support.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia DLSS technology and whether or not you think AMD is right about the new technology.

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