Nioh 2 Yokai Shift Guide – How to Use Yokai Shift, Yokai Shift Modes

Nioh 2 Yokai Shift Guide

This Nioh 2 Yokai Shift Guide will show you everything you need to know about Yokai Shift, how to activate it, and how many Yokai Shift modes are in the game. Yokai Shift allows you to turn into Guardian Spirits and perform powerful attacks with special moves.

Nioh 2 Yokai Shift Guide

Below we have detailed how to activate Yokai Shift, and different Yokai Shift modes found in the game.

Yokai Shift Forms

There are three Yokai Shift forms that allow you different abilities. The three forms are:

  • Feral
  • Phantom
  • Brute

Feral form in Yokai Shift will allow you two special moves called Shadowstep and Shadowstab. The first move allows you to dodge while performing a quick attack, while the Shadowstep is basically the next quick attack for a combo.

The second form is the Phantom, which also comes with two special moves called Blood Moon –Yin, and Blood Moon – Yang. The Yin move will allow you to aim and fire your weapon towards the enemy. If you are successful in hitting the enemy, you will be teleported right next to the enemy location. The second move is Yang, which allows you to perform the opposing attack when performing either the Strong or Quick attack.

Lastly, the Brute Form prevents you from being staggered by enemy hits. The special move that comes with it is called Fang Break, which when performed at the right time will allow you to deflect enemy attacks.

How to Trigger Yokai Shift

In order to trigger the Yokai Shift, you first need to fill up the Amrita Gauge. Once you have that, you can activate the Yokai shift with the Triangle and Circle button on your controller. While you are in this state, any hits you get will not deplete your Ki or health, but instead the Yokai Shift Gauge.

When you are in the Yokai Shift state, your melee attacks are boosted and if you touch the Yokai Realm, it will disperse and produce Amrita in return. This will then regenerate your Amrita and charge the Yokai Shift Gauge.

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