Nintendo Switch Mini Can Be Docked, Premium Switch Gets New Features

Nintendo Switch Mini

We know that Nintendo is working on two new Nintendo Switch version. One is going to be the Nintendo Switch Mini or Lite and the other is going to be a premium version of the Nintendo Switch. New reports claim that the Nintendo Switch Mini is going to support docking and that the premium edition is going to have additional features as well.

Japanese publication Nikkei suggests that the new models are going to release this fall and that the new premium edition will support features like better image rendering. We know that the Nintendo Switch Mini is going to be a more budget-friendly version of the console but we do not know how much more the premium edition is going to cost.

Nintendo Switch Mini

The Japanese publication mentioned that Nintendo is experimenting with the device and the premium edition could have new features that we will yet to see. The following is what the Japanese publication had to say in this regard:

Beyond the smaller, budget-focused model lies the development of the overhauled next-generation model intended to replace the one currently available. Nintendo is believed to be experimenting on a number of different things for the device, including usability, improved image rendering, and changes to the operating system, among other things. One development source contends, however, that it still remains unclear at this stage who at the company will end up taking the lead on conceptual development for the new console.

It seems that Nintendo is not clear regarding the plans of the Pro version but keeping in mind that the Nintendo Switch is already pretty popular, any improvements will be appreciated. The mini version would be a great option for people that have been waiting for the price to go down.

Furthermore, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions is now available on the handheld console. GRID Autosport will have multiple control style on the Switch. Nintendo Switch Update 8.0.0 is now live and it allows you to transfer saved data.

Let us know what you think about the Nintendo Switch Mini and the Pro edition and which one you are more interested in getting for yourself.

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