Nier Replicant Ver.1.224 Endings Guide – How to Get All Endings

Nier Replicant Ver.1.224 Endings Guide

This Nier Replicant Ver.1.224 Endings Guide will show you how you can get all the endings in the game. In total, there are five different endings which range from Ending A all the way to Ending E. So you can achieve Ending A, B, C, D, and E, where all of these give you something different than the previous ending.

Some endings, which include the normal ending don’t require anything special for you to do other than playing your normal game. However, there are some endings that require you to save the game at certain locations, while others require you to collect all the 33 weapons in the game. If you are looking to get all the weapons, check out our Weapons Guide.

Nier Replicant Ver.1.224 Endings Guide

Below we have detailed how to get all the endings in the game

Ending A

This is the normal first playthrough ending which requires no special task other than just playing your normal game. As a default ending, you can achieve this ending at your own pace and choices you make.

Ending B

This ending can be achieved after you finish Ending A and then reload the save file. Reloading will take you to the second half of the story but will bring new cutscenes and a new ending as you approach its conclusion.

Ending C

This ending can be obtained after you get the Ending B, reload the save file again and start from the second half point of the story. However, it also requires you to collect all the 33 weapons in the game before you face the final boss.

When you are about to reach the final boss, save the game right before the battle as it will help you get the other endings from this point onwards. After you have defeated the boss, you have to choose to kill them to get this ending.

Ending D

To get this ending, reload the save point in Ending C where you saved just before the final boss fight. After the boss battle, instead of choosing to kill the boss (like in Ending C) choose to let them go to get this new ending. This will also delete the save file as it shows you this new ending.

Ending E

To get this ending, you have to start a new game after you get Ending D and the save file is deleted. Make sure you start the new game with a new game and then continue playing the game normally. Once you reach The Aerie, you will have to fight the shade and recruit Kane. From this point onwards, the game will show you new cutscenes different from all the previous endings and a new story.

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