New Pokémon Snap Illumina Orbs Guide – How to Get, Where to Find Crystabloom Flowers

New Pokémon Snap Illumina Orbs Guide

This New Pokémon Snap Illumina Orbs Guide will show you how you can get Illumina Orbs in the game. This is an important item that you can use by throwing on a Pokémon to capture them in different poses.

Naturally, players will be looking to obtained more Illumina Orbs as they play the game and look for new ways to obtain photos of each Pokémon. This is also when players want to get 4-Star Photos of Pokémon, which requires unique scenes in Photos where Pokémon are posing differently or are in a mid-attack pose.

New Pokémon Snap Illumina Orbs Guide

Below we have detailed how to get Illumina Orbs in the game.

How to Get Illumina Orbs

The first thing you need to know is that you need to unlock Illumina Orbs in every region in the game by taking photos of Crystabloom Flowers. This is also shown in the first region of the game where the game highlights the location of the Crystabloom Flower, but any subsequent island and area you go to will require you to take a photo of the flower.

The best time to take photos of these flowers is during night time. Each time you take a photo, you will unlock the Illumina Orbs for this region.

Crystabloom Flowers are sometimes placed in plain sight, but in some locations are pretty well hidden behind rocks and other objectives. The list below details where you can find all the Crystabloom Flowers in each region:

Area Island Crystabloom Flower Location
Florio Nature Park (Night) Florio Island This Crystabloom Flower will be to your left and will be next to the buried Pinsir
Founja Jungle Night Belusylva Island At the end of the level you will find a sleeping Quagsire with the flower next to it
Sweltering Sands (Night) Voluca Island In the section where you slide down the sandhill, look back and you will find the flower on the rocks.
Lental Seafloor Undersea Maricopia Island This is well hidden behind a sleeping Lumineon. You will have to throw a Fluffruit at it to wake it up and move.
Shiver Snowfields (Night) Durice Island In the large drop to the right, you will find the flower at the bottom of the chasm
Ruins of Remembrance Aurus Island At the start of the area, look around to see the flying Eldegoss, and you will spot the flower on the rocky wall.

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