New Pokémon Snap Diancie Location Guide – Where to Find

New Pokémon Snap Diancie Location Guide

This New Pokémon Snap Diancie Location Guide will show you where to find Diancie, the Mythical Pokémon in the game. Diancie can be found in the Outaway Cave but requires a few steps before it actually shows itself for you to take a photo of it.

Like most Pokémon in the game that are in plain sight, Diancie has to be lured out in a certain area by using Illumina Orbs. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to do just that.

New Pokémon Snap Diancie Location Guide

Below we have detailed where to find Diancie and take a photo of it.

How to Find Diancie

The Diancie can be found in the alternate route of Outaway Cave. You should start the route and then turn right towards the area where the Noibats are flying, with a small opening up ahead. Taking this route takes you to an area where you first come across Mawile and Carbinks playing around together. This area comes right after you cross the fighting Geodude.

When you come to the location of the Mawile and the Carbink, throw Illumina Orbs from above at all the three Pokémon. This will cause the Diancie to come from behind the crystal on the right, giving you plenty of time to take photos. On the other hand, if you want to get 4 Star Photos of Diancie, throw three to four Illumina Orbs at it until it starts to glow. When it starts glowing, start taking as many photos as you can to not miss an opportunity for a 4 Star rating photo.

The Diancie will also dance if you are playing music when it comes out from behind the crystal. Taking a photo when it is dancing guarantees a 3 Star rating of your photo.

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This concludes our New Pokémon Snap Diancie Location Guide. Post your comments below.

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