New Pokémon Snap 4 Star Photos Guide – How to Take 4 Star Photos

New Pokémon Snap 4 Star Photos Guide

This New Pokémon Snap 4 Star Photos Guide will show you how to take photos that have a 4-star rating with them. 4-Star Photos are the highest quality photos you can take in New Pokémon Snap.

The rating of photos depends on various factors which include snapping pictures when the Pokemon is using its special abilities or performing a unique animation. But to ensure that you always get the highest rating possible with each photo you take, read the steps below

New Pokémon Snap 4 Star Photos Guide

Below we have detailed how to take 4-Star photos in the game.

How to Take 4 Star Photos

Players don’t necessarily have to do anything extra to ensure their photos turn out with the highest rating. But that doesn’t mean you should just take a random photo of a Pokémon when they are just roaming around doing nothing. Taking pictures from different angles, especially when the scene has a lot to offer increases the ratings of the photos.

A Photo receives a 4-Star rating when you have take pictures of multiple Pokémon in a single photo, or when the Pokémon are about to do something big like hunting a prey or about to attack. Besides taking photos of the Pokémon in their normal resting stage, you should be looking for moments when the Pokémon are about to produce their signature attacks or any special attack that will look cool in a photo.

The various Pokémon in the game will also engage in cute activities like playing around with other Pokémon, eating food, dancing, and doing adorable tasks. These are all precious scenes that you can capture in your camera for a 4-star rating. Players looking for 100% completion of the game will have to get 4-Star Photos of each Pokémon in the game.

This concludes our New Pokémon Snap 4 Star Photos Guide. Post your comments below.

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