MSI Unveils Bravo 15 Gaming Laptop Featuring AMD Ryzen 5000 H-Series CPU, Radeon RX 5500M Graphics

MSI Bravo 15

MSI has unveiled the updated version of the Bravo 15 gaming laptop. The MSI Bravo 15 is now powered by the AMD Ryzen 5000 H-series laptop processors and AMD Radeon RX 5500M laptop graphics. The previous iteration of the Bravo 15 laptop was powered by 4000 series CPUs which has now been upgraded to the latest Ryzen 5000 series mobile processor.

The MSI Bravo 15 now comes equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 H-series laptop processors. The AMD Radeon RX 5500M laptop graphics card, which includes features like Radeon Image Sharpening and Radeon Anti-Lag, powers the Bravo 15. The laptop supports up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 memory and includes a single PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSD slot. The laptop’s display is a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS panel with a 144Hz refresh rate.

The cooling solution for the Bravo 15 gaming laptop has also been revamped and improved. The new cooling solution helps keep the laptop running efficiently and cool. The new thermal design being used on the Bravo 15 is MSI’s Cooler Boost 5 thermal technology which takes advantage of 2 fans and 6 heat pipes. The heat pipe design more effectively cools the core components. The dimensions of the laptop are 359 (W) x 259 (D) x 24.9 (H) mm and it weighs in at 2.3kg.

MSI Bravo 15

Image Credit: MSI

The Bravo 15 also features the MSI Center, a brand-new program that helps users to improve performance by managing and eliminating unwanted apps and tasks, which is now available. The MSI Software Player is another app available, which allows you to transfer your mobile gaming experience to your laptop. The Bravo 15 also includes a standby mode, which enables faster wake-ups and logins while saving battery life.

The pricing and availability for the Bravo 15 are currently not known so we will have to wait for that information.

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