Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Guide – Walkthrough, How to Run

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt

In this Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Guide, we will detail the Krypt walkthrough and show you how to run in the Krypt. The Krypt is where you can open chests with the money you have.

This guide is a work in progress as more areas will be added soon.

Our walkthrough will guide you through the Krypt and show you where you can get the key items to advance to the next area. This walkthrough guide will show lead you through all the areas. In addition, you can also run in the Krypt by holding the RT/R2 button, allowing you to traverse more quickly.

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Guide

Below we have a detailed walkthrough guide for the Krypt that contains all the areas and key items you can collect to go to the next area.

Palace Entrance

The moment the cutscene ends, you will find two chests right ahead. These are free chests that contain 100 hearts and 50,000 koins each. Open both to collect your 100,000 koins. When you are done, a large gate will open in front of you.

Now you need to walk through this gate, and go to the end of the area. Here you will find Shao Kahn’s Hammer placed on an altar. Take the hammer as you need it to open the half damage gate right behind where you picked the hammer up. This new path will take you to the Courtyard.


Right as you enter through the broken gate, and into the courtyard, head towards the left side of the courtyard. You will find a breakable wall next to the blue glowing Kronika’s Time Vault. This wall can be broken down with the Shao Kahn Hammer as well.

Behind the wall will be a large Gong that you need to hit with the same hammer. This will allow a new gate to open in the courtyard. Additionally, it also unlocks the “Enough Already” achievement/trophy.

Now you need to go back to the main area of the courtyard where you came from, and head through this new gate. This new path will take you to the Forge.


This new area being the Forge, can allow you to craft items. Crafting requires you ingredients. However, you need to ignore this part and take a right from the Forge. This will take you to the Mountain Pass. Here you will come across a locked door that will require a Dragon Amulet to unlock it. You need not focus on this locked door for now as we will return to this part later. Continue towards the Shrine.

Shrine / Warrior Shrine

After the Mountain Pass, and when a short cutscene shows you the Shrine. You can win various items here, such as key items needed to advance in the Krypt later to craft materials and many more items. Spending 50,000 koins at the Shrine will also unlock the Gimme Dat Money trophy/achievement.

From the Shrine, go right. Here a meteorite will come hurling down and crash into a statue in its path. Destroy this meteorite with your hammer as this will give you the key item Gem of the Living.

From the Meteorite and to the left, head downstairs where you will come across another Gong. Hit it with the hammer, as this will open another gate leading you back to the Courtyard and additionally give you 25,000 koins.


Now you need to go back to the Courtyard area, and towards the area where you hit the first gong. Here you will find a door that you can open with the Gem of the Living item that you got from the meteorite. This will bring you to a new area called Gardens.


Once you are in this new area, go across the bridge and enter the Gardens. Here you have to destroy a wooden barricade on the left side. You can do this by using the same hammer you have been using all this while in this area.

Behind you will find a room with a level. You need to pull this level down to open the gate on the right. Head inside and you will find Cracked Horn of Motaro. This is a key item.

Now you need to go all the way to the place where the Meteorite crashed. You need to use the key item to open the big gate. Identifying the gate is easy as it has a horned demon emblemed on it. the horn is actually the last piece that you can attack to open the gate. This will now lead you to Courtyard Cave

Courtyard Cave

Continue in this Courtyard Cave, and you will come across another level that is actually for the elevator. This elevator will take you to Goro’s Lair.

Goro’s Lair

This new are is an underground dungeon with multiple rooms. For now you need to go straight ahead. This will begin a cutscene which shows you a room with Goro’s corpse sitting on a throne. From here you have three paths to proceed. Left, right and straight ahead.

Go to the path that is to the right. At the end of the path you will reach The Jails area where you will find the Kenshi Takashi’s Blindfold from a dead body. This is a key item. This item allows you to peer into the spirit realm to reveal hidden treasures. This process consumes your Soul Fragments when it is active.

You need the Blindfold to backtrack to the throne area. Activate the Blindfold, which will show you a wall on the side of the room that can be broken. Use the hammer to break the wall and make your way back to the throne area.

Now you can go to the path that leads straight ahead, which is slightly left to the throne. Follow this path until you reach the end to find the Scorpion’s Spear. This is a key item that lets you grab onto items far away, or even corpses.

When you are done, and back in the throne area, you can now go to the path on the left from the throne. Use the chains on the walls to open the gate along the way, leading to a large dining hall. Go upstairs and then to the right where you will find another gate that you need to open with the chain on the wall.

Behind this gate you will find an elevator that you need to take to go to the top. Once you reach the top, take the path until you see a cutscene with a man falling down on some spikes. Examine the corpse of this man and you will get the Ermac’s Amulet of Souls. This is a key item that lets you spend souls on the green pots that cost 100 souls each. It also allows you to repair certain objects using these souls. You can repair the bridge by the Forge as well.

Go back from the way you came from, and you can lift the rubble that will be blocking your way. You can do this with the Ermac’s Amulet of Souls.

Your next task is to find the Mind of the One Being, Soul of the One Being, Heart of the One Being to use them at the door at the start of Goro’s Lair. To get these items, you need to look inside chests as they are found randomly. Open all of the chests that you can find and if you are lucky, you can collect all the three key items.

Here you can also find a blue amulet key to get the Raiden’s Staff. When you have the blue amulet, go to the statue where the meteorite crashed, and take the Raiden’s Staff.

Raiden’s Staff can be used in Goro’s Lair, which is the same area where the throne is. Right in the dining hall there will be a gate that requires a skeleton key in order to open it. behind the gate are traps that you need to past through. This will lead you to 2 hallways where one is filled with spiders, and the other that takes you to a door that requires Raiden’s Staff to open. This door will lead you into more traps in a room filled with lava.

All Other Areas

When you have the main three key items namely, Scorpion’s Spear, Kenshi’s Blindfold and Ermac’s Amulet, you can now access some new areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Back in the Courtyard area where you started, and where you hit the second gong, you will find a red chest that is locked behind a gate. You can use your Blindfolds to locate the chains on the 4 pillars around it. Pull the chains to open the gate.

Lower Courtyard

Go to the Shrine where you can donate infinite money, and then head downstairs to find three levers and a Dragon Puzzle with spinning plates. You need to pull the levers in order to line the plates. Once the Dragon Logo is set, a new door will draw a bridge. Use the Scorpion’s Spear to pull down the bridge and go to get the chests.

The Pit

From the Forge, you need to take the path ahead. You can repair the broken bridge with the Ermac’s Amulet and get to the lone chest at the end of the path.

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This guide is a work in progress as more areas in the Krypt are being added. Feel free to comment below.

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