Mortal Kombat 11 Frost Guide – How to Play, Moves, Tips and Tricks

Mortal Kombat 11 Frost Guide

In this Mortal Kombat 11 Frost Guide, we will guide you on the fighter Frost and how you can play with her. Frost is a returning fighter in Mortal Kombat 11 and is initially locked. If you want to know how to unlock her, check out our Mortal Kombat 11 Characters Guide because in this guide we will focus on Frost and how you can play with her.

We will detail all her moves below which includes combos, base moves, and special moves. With the help of this guide, you will easily get up to speed with the brand new character Frost and choose her to be your main character for online. Since Frost is a new character, you will need to learn her attack style and moves so that you can easily play with her against any character in the game.

Frost Guide – Mortal Kombat 11

Our Mortal Kombat 11 Frost Guide details everything that you need to know about the character Frost in Mortal Kombat 11. Our guide details the keys for the PS4 version of the game. Xbox One follows the same format however the key names are different for the console.

Frost plays out much like Sub-Zero because her moves are based around playing with ice and freezing her enemies however Frost comes with her own unique moveset. We have detailed all of her moves below which can be performed in the game along with some helpful tips and tricks.

Normal Combos

This section of the guide details all of Frost’s normal combo moves in Mortal Kombat 11.

Blood, Sweat, and Circuits

This is a very fast move and the last finishing hit of this combo will send the enemy flying back on the screen. This attack is excellent for creating a distance between yourself and your opponent as they are sent back flying with the last move. This move can be performed by Square, Cross, Triangle. This is a three-hit combo with the last hit sending enemies flying away from you.

Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time is a little slower than the first combo move however it is much safer if it gets blocked. Also, the third hit in the combo will leave the enemy much closer to you which is excellent if you prefer keeping your opponents closer to you. You can perform this three-hit combo by pressing Square, Cross, Circle. You can easily follow up with more attacks with this move as your enemy is closer while waking up.


Blizzard is short yet damaging combo as the final hit sends enemies flying a little bit back. Since the hit is mostly based in the middle, if someone blocks the combo, you will be still safe. This is the perfect combo after someone wakes up from Frozen in Time since they will be pretty close. This will send them flying a good distance. You can land Blizzard by pressing Back+Square, Triangle, Square.

One True Warrioress

This is another fast combo that deals solid damage to your opponent as well as sends them flying back. You can land this attack with triangle, triangle, circle. At the end of the combo, your opponent will wake up at the end of the screen giving you a good view of the entire fullscreen. This is great if you want your enemies far from you to plan your next move.

No Humility

Another good combo if you want to leave your opponents closer to you for follow up combos or harassment when they wake up. The combo for this attack is Triangle, Triangle, Cross. At the end of the combo, your enemy will wake up much closer to you so you can easily land another hit or combo on them quickly. This attack is also tricky to block because it combines different moves together.

Out Cold

Out Cold is one of the best-ranged attacks as you can land it from a safe distance. It also gives you +1 on block. Along with this, if you use this combo to counter or punish your opponents, you will also land a crushing blow to your enemies at the end of the combo which makes this a solid move for a variety of scenarios.

To land this combo, press Back+Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Unlike most of Frost’s attacks, Out Cold has a little slow speed so your opponent might catch you off guard if they land a quick attack while you are trying to land an Out Cold Combo. Make sure you can land the attack in time and stick to counters with this combo.

Freezing Point

This four-hit combo can be landed with Cross, Circle, Circle, Triangle. This is a very decent damage dealing combo and it is a combination of different up, middle and down attacks so your opponent cannot really block the complete combo.

However, the first hit is one of the weirdest moves in Frost’s arsenal because it is aimed at a very weird angle making it fit only for extremely close proximity encounters. If you manage to pin someone in a corner, this is your combo.


Reborn is Frost’s best combo starters and one of my favorite moves in her arsenal as well. You can land this combo by pressing Back+Cross, Triangle, Down+Square. The third hit will set up the enemy for a follow-up combo or hit but beware that the third move can be punished by your opponent.

The first two hits are very safe to use and you can easily land them without any fear. The third hit in the combo is the most important hit of the combo and it can be punished as well so watch out for your enemy’s moves. The combo overall deals very decent damage and it packs one of every type of hit so blocking is also not very easy.


This is a simple two-hit combo which can be performed by pressing Circle, Cross. This is yet another excellent short combo if you manage to pin your opponent in the corner. You can use this combo to finish the string of other combos or even extend combos while adding additional hits in the combo. Avoid using this combo in the mid or neutral because it is not very effective in these scenarios.

Special Attacks

This section of the guide details all of Frost’s Special Attacks in Mortal Kombat 11.

Core Discharge

This special move can be performed by pressing Down, Back, Triangle. You can hit this special attack in three different ways. The normal attack will hit your opponent in the mid. To hit a little closer with this attack, hold back while landing the attack. To land at full screen, hold forward while attacking and the projectile will hit your opponent at full screen.

This attack is excellent for maintaining control over different spaces in the game. You can hit your enemies on the ground or in the air with this attack. This attack is also good if you want to hit your enemies and keep them at a safe distance after hitting them. However, do not spam this attack because the landing speed of this attack is a little slow.

Blade Spin

This special move can be performed by pressing Down, Forward, Triangle. Blade Spin is a solid attack to end your combos with if your enemies are standing up at the end of your combo. This is also an excellent attack for blocking purposes and keeping your opponents at a bay. However, this attack can be countered easily if your opponent ducks and lands an uppercut on you. Other than that, this is a good attack.


This special move can be performed by pressing Back, Forward, Cross. Kyro-Stance is a projectile attack that is fired always as a combo of two projectiles, one after the other. This deals decent damage to the enemies and can push them back from you as well. This attack is handy if you want to pin someone to the corner by pushing them behind.

In the normal mode, the attack will only fire two high attack projectiles however if you use one bar for the attack, the attack will add two lower-combos as well in the attack making it a solid ranged attack. I will recommend that if you have a charged bar, always go for the charged variant and not the simple one.


This special attack can be performed with Down, Back, Cross. This is a very effective anti-air attack. The attack deals solid damage and will help you start and end combos if you manage to pin your enemies in the corner. Combine Cyber-Head with Ice-Olated and you have a solid corner combo. End the combo with anther Cyber-Head to deal even more damage to the enemy.

Icequake (Air)

This attack can only be performed in the air. You can land this special attack by pressing Back, Front, Circle. This is a very quick attack and does decent damage to your opponent. If you land an air attack and you are pretty quick with your fingers, you can land this attack right after an air attack on your opponent as well.

Auger Lunge

This special attack can be performed by pressing Back, Front, Circle on the ground. In the air, this string will be Icequake. Auger Lunge is one of Frost’s best and fastest moves in the game. Frost will cover a great deal of distance as well and pick up the opponent for this attack.\

If you use three meters for this attack, the combo deals crushing blow. You can cover a great deal of distance with this attack and lead your opponent to the corner and get them all set up for some corner combos which is something Frost is very good at.


This special attack can be performed by pressing Down, Back, Circle. This is a pretty decent move as well especially when you use a bar for this attack. With the bar consumed, the attack is much more powerful and it will allow you to follow up with a quick follow up attack such as the Auger Lunge to deal some extra damage in the same string. This is one of the best corner combo starters in the entire game.

Cryogenic Crown

This special move can be performed by pressing Down, Back, Triangle. This is Frost’s way of freezing her enemies. Frost will drop her head on the ground which explodes and freezes enemies solid in their place. This will give you time to land some combos on them as they are frozen and unable to move from their place.

This can be combined with other combos and it is the perfect combo special move. Enemies will recover from the first combo and instead of attacking you, they will try to block this attack and end up getting frozen which will give you enough window for another combo of your choice.

Arctic Barrage

This special attack can be performed by pressing Back, Front, Circle. This is also one of my favorite moves of Frost. This overhead attack deals great damage and is an excellent move when combined with other combos. This is especially useful when you are trying to end other combos. Unlike other attacks, however, this move is a little slow but the great damage makes up for it.

Ice Auger

This special attack can be performed by pressing Back, Front, Square. This is another decent projectile damage which can deal decent damage to your opponent. It hits in the mid so gives little space to enemies to avoid this attack. Use this attack from a good distance and the attack will deal crushing blow damage to enemies and push them back from you as well.

Core Trap

This attack can be performed by pressing Down, Back Triangle. This attack is excellent for confusing your enemies as it will create a small trap in the stage and if your enemies stay inside this trap, they will be eventually frozen.

This is an excellent special move for consuming your enemies as they will continuously try to get out of the trap zone and will end up making mistakes giving you room to land some combos. This trap not only freezes the enemies but also continuously damages them making it a very deadly trap. You can hold back and forward to change the direction of throwing the trap as well.

Core Overload

This special attack can be performed by pressing Down, Down, Cross. This special move buffs Frost’s attacks increasing the damage of the hits. This is a useful move for many scenarios as well. Spend the bar and it will explode at the end sending your opponent flying back.

Glacier Calving

This attack can be performed by pressing Down, Down, Square. This is a protective shield that can absorb enemy attacks easily. Spend a bar and the shield will move towards the enemy while absorbing all projectiles. It will last longer as well.

Fatal Blow

Unleash Frost’s bloody Fatal Blow and take your opponent on a ride across the entire screen from one corner to another dealing massive damage in the meantime. You can land this Fatal Blow from across the full screen so it has a very impressive range.

General Playing Tips

  • Frost uses low hits to start most of her combos so one of the best ways to scare your opponents into standing up is by using short hops. Another attack that comes in similar scenarios is by using her Arctic Barrage attack.
  • Frost is an excellent fighter that can keep your opponents juggling from a safe distance or even at close range. Try to mix up both combat scenarios to make sure that you use all of Frost’s effective moves to dominate your opponents.
  • Frost is an exceptional fighter when it comes to corner combat. You can punish your opponents extremely well if they are caught in the corner. If you are good with chaining together combos, Frost will not let the enemy touch the ground and you can end the match easily while juggling your opponent in the air.
  • You can use short hops to keep your opponents guessing of your next moves. Combine short hops with some combos and you will be able to land some quick hits on them as well.

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This concludes our Mortal Kombat 11 Frost Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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