Mooncat Games, a Brand-New Indie Games Label Officially Announced

Player Two PR, a video games PR and marketing firm, has officially announced its brand-new indie game label Mooncat Games. Mooncat Games is a new publishing label that supports small teams in making games that they have always wanted to make. Mooncat Games will be publishing indie titles moving forward and they have already revealed an impressive lineup of their upcoming titles including The Garden Path, Remnants of the Rift, and A Long Journey to an Uncertain End.

Check out the Mooncat Games’ upcoming titles in the brand-new trailer below to see these amazing titles in action:

The starting developers working with Mooncat Games to publish their titles are carrotcake, Bromio, and Crispy Creative. The Garden Path by carrotcake is a slice-of-life sim about the joy of gardening which is aimed at players looking for a game that can be picked up and played in short sessions. It is slated for launch later this summer and you can add it to your wishlist right now.

Remnants of the Rift by Bromio is a real-time roguelite action game set in a retro-futuristic world. It is currently available in Early Access on Steam and features the dimension-diving merc, Morgan who can ride the frequencies between worlds to discover the secrets of a new reality. If interested, you can either jump into the game or add it to your wishlist. Finally, the third game revealed by Mooncat Games is A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, a narrative management space opera. In this game, you are a sentient spaceship that is out to explore known and unknown galaxies as a sentient spaceship with a ragtag crew of eclectic new friends.

Mooncat Games

You can add A Long Journey to an Uncertain End to your Steam wishlist as well. Additional information about the future plans of Mooncat Games and their initial releases will be shared in the upcoming months and weeks. If you are curious to know more about the games and the publisher’s portfolio, you can check out the publisher’s official website.

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