MONTECH Unveils SKY TWO GX: An Extreme Performance E-ATX Case with Enhanced Airflow


MONTECH, a leading provider of PC components and peripherals, has introduced the SKY TWO GX, a premium E-ATX case designed to deliver extreme performance and optimal airflow. Packed with user-inspired enhancements and cutting-edge features, the SKY TWO GX aims to redefine the gaming and PC-building experience.

The SKY TWO GX is an evolution of the popular SKY TWO series, incorporating feedback from users to enhance functionality and performance. Key upgrades include an increased top clearance to accommodate radiators up to 66mm thick, expanded cable management space of 25mm, and improved glass panel design with a convenient handle and hinge for easy access. Additionally, a lower-side mesh panel allows quick access to the bottom chamber, enhancing overall usability.


One of the standout features of the SKY TWO GX is its extreme airflow design. Equipped with three pre-installed MONTECH AX140 PWM ARGB cooling fans, the case boasts a 51% porosity mesh front panel, top panel, and side of the PSU chamber. This mesh design ensures excellent airflow, effectively dissipating heat while maintaining a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.

The case’s compatibility is also optimized for high-end components, supporting up to 11 x 120mm cooling fans, 360mm radiators on both the top and bottom, CPU coolers with a height of up to 168mm, and GPUs up to 400mm in length. This versatility allows users to build powerful systems without compromising on cooling performance or hardware compatibility.


A modular approach adds further flexibility to the SKY TWO GX, with an easy-to-remove side cover providing space for SSI-EEB server-grade motherboards, extra storage, and optional installation of two 120mm cooling fans on the side. The case is also vertical GPU mount-ready, enabling users to showcase their creativity in custom builds.

Key features of the SKY TWO GX include:

  • Increased main chamber height to support up to 66mm thick, 360mm radiators at the top
  • Expanded cable management chamber to 25mm
  • Support for up to 11 x 120mm fans and GPUs up to 400mm long
  • Pre-installed MONTECH AX140 PWM ARGB fans for enhanced cooling
  • 51% porosity mesh design on the front panel, top panel, and side of the PSU chamber
  • Easy-to-remove, multifunctional side panel for modularity and additional cooling options

The SKY TWO GX is set to elevate gaming and PC-building experiences with its combination of extreme performance, optimal airflow, and versatile compatibility. For availability and other details, you can check out the official website.


What are your thoughts on the new MONTECH SKY TWO GX casings? Let us know in the comments section below.

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