Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Riding Guide – How to Ride, Control Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Riding Guide

In this Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Riding Guide we will guide you on how you can mount and ride monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. Mounting was a pretty-old mechanic in the Monster Hunter franchise however it has been completely changed in the new Monster Hunter Rise and now you can control the monsters that you mount for a short period of time. We have curated this guide explaining just how you can do that easily.

Wyvern Riding Guide – Monster Hunter Ride

Our Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Riding Guide details everything that you need to know about riding monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise

Wyvern Riding is a brand-new mechanic introduced in Monster Hunter Rise that replaces the mounting mechanic of the previous titles. With the new mechanic in place, you can not only mount monsters in the game but also control them for a short amount of time by moving them around and using them to attack other monsters in the game. However, the ability to deal damage to the monster that you are riding still is in the game so if there is no other monster around, you can deal damage to the monster you are riding as well.

However, your brand-new monster ride comes with a time limit and you cannot ride them forever. Similarly, each monster also comes with a cooldown timer or can be mounted only once during a fight so you have to make sure that you take full advantage of the mounted state and ride them as soon as possible to make the most out of your attack window. There are multiple ways by which you can put the monsters into a mountable state. All of them are detailed below in the guide. Once the monster enters its mountable state, you can mount it by pressing the A key.

How to Put Monsters in a Mountable State

Before you can mount monsters, you must put them in a mountable state. There are three different ways by which you can put monsters into a mountable state.

  • Starting a Turf War – Most of the monsters in Monster Hunter Life are extremely territorial and will viciously attack other monsters who venture into them. If you are fighting a monster, try and lure it into the territory of another monster nearby which will start a turn war and both the monsters will start hitting each other ferociously. Eventually, one of them will escape from the scene but before that, during the fight, the weaker monster will enter the mountable state once the other one hits it. Make sure to keep a close eye and as soon as the opportunity arises, mount the monster to control it.
  • Using a Puppet Spiders – Puppet Spiders are Endemic Life that you can find in Monster Hunter Rise’s beautiful map as you explore it. You can collect them and store them in your inventory for later use during battles with monsters. These Puppet Spiders are very effective for putting monsters into a mountable stable and once thrown on them, the monsters will instantly enter the mountable state. They are the most effective tool for instantly putting monsters into a mountable state.
  • Using Wirebug’s Silkbind Attack – The wirebug is a new addition to Monster Hunter Rise as well and it can also help you put monsters into a mountable state. During combat, you can unleash the super-effective Silkbind Attack on monsters which can also put enemies into a mountable state. However, you should know that depending on the monster, it might take more than one Silkbind Attack to enter the mountable state so sometimes it is not a very effective method for the job as it will consume your slot.

Generic Tips and Tricks for Wyvern Riding

  • If you can, finish up your ride with a powerful slam into a wall. Near a wall, pressing Y will make the monster slam its head into a wall or any other obstacle which will knock it out for a small-time allowing you to jump down and land a few hits before the monster is back in its fighting form.
  • Sometimes it is wise to deal as much damage to the monster as possible before mounting the monster. This will sometimes give you additional time to deal damage to monsters before they run away and if you time your attacks right, you can even defeat a monster before giving it time to run away. If you have some bombs in your inventory, use them before mounting the monster so that you can deal as much damage to the monster as possible.
  • If you begin fighting with another monster while staying on its back, you will not get damage if another monster hits the monster that you are riding on. This means that you can jump into battles easily without worrying about your own health in the game while riding another monster. If you keep fighting, you might be able to fill the Riding Gauge and unleash a powerful Mounted Punisher to finish off your ride in style. After this attack, you will be launched off the monster so make sure to time it right.

If you need more help with the game, check out the guides linked below:

This concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Riding Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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